Does Brainwave Entrainment Last?

by Bruce
(Los Angeles, CA US)

If this kind of meditation take no effort does it have a lasting effect?

Hello Bruce,

In traditional meditation, your effort in focusing, for example using breathing concentration or chanting a mantra, is intended to induce brainwave states. This concentration, with regular practice, usually over a period of years, enables you to remember how to assess mental peak states. But it is a long trial and error process.

Brainwave entrainment technology does the same thing. Instead of focusing, the repeated pulsed tones create the meditative mental states for you. Your brain remembers those states faster than meditation.

Your ability to assess these states last for as long as your brain finally remembers how to habituate in those states at will.

For example, we each have a habitual mental state. The moment we are finished with our day's work, our brain habituates in an activity (smoking) or non-activity (musing) that you have conditioned yourself in.

Since you recognize through expanded awareness what brainwave patterns are associated with those habits of mind, they last until you recreate new habits at will.

To change at will is what the goal of meditation and brainwave entrainment enables you to do.

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