Does listening to pure gamma brainwave entrainment everyday help overcome depression and improve memory?

by angelica

I've been listening for about four days (for about an hour each day) to a pure gamma brainwave video which I downloaded from the internet a few days ago -- thinking that it would improve my memory and cure episodes of depression (as this is the only reason why I am into it right now).

I intended to use the same everyday for four weeks... only to find out here (in one of the comments posted here) that listening to one type of brainwave is not advisable.

Perhaps this is the reason why after listening to the video on the third and fourth days, I felt dizzy (or groggy) all throughout the day, and so I thought something must be wrong.

So how do I do it then? I would be grateful if you would answer the following questions:

1. Is it okay to listen to all the types everyday (one type after the other)? How many minutes is needed for each type then?, or

2. Should I listen to only one type in a day and another type the next day? Please take note that my only intention is to improve my memory and cure episodes of depression

3. Another web site says that the therapy should be done in 4-6 weeks. If I stop after the lapse of the 4-week (or 6-week) period, when can I come back to using brainwave therapy again?

4. If the only reason why i am into this is to improve my memory and cure episodes of depression (that's why I use pure gamma), how should I proceed with the therapy?

Hello Angela,

You would freak out if you continue listening to gamma or worse any one type of brainwave frequency range for an hour, daily interchangeably.

You mentioned some other website recommend you listen for some 4 - 6 weeks but that depends on whether you are listening to a program-based or developmental brainwave entrainment or those standalone cd that churns out beta, alpha, theta delta or gamma.

If you have read my pages on brainwave entrainment with reference to the Brain Evolution System or Holosync, you would understand why I highly recommend them.

They are developed with the full understanding that our brainwaves fluctuates in all states. Hence, an entrainment program should NOT entrain the brain to a single brainwave state for too long. You would become too stuck in that state and that will make you unbalanced, dysfunctional, out-of-sync with normal life functioning.

The state of depression is associated with theta. For now, you would do well to get away from listening to theta or gamma. You would do well to listen to beta to get back on the groove of life, which is what you need.

If you are left alone, your brain would naturally shift back to theta - too much of the imagining stage.

Your memory would certainly improve once you get out of your depression stage. Hence, you would do well to get at the cause of your depression. Talk to someone whom you can confide in. Seek help.

Listening to level one of the Brain Evolution System - a 30 mins track - would help you relax and release subconscious issues. Listen to it once in the morning for a week. See how you feel.

Level one is deeply relaxing yet it straddles all brainwave states. It doesn't allow you to settle for too long in any one state. This is what you need, that your brain gets to unwind while you attune to an alert state.

Hope this helps.

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