Effect on Mental States

by Angel
(Hemet, CA)

In the beginning of my brainwave entrainment program I actually felt quite blissful and harmonious. After about a week and a half to two weeks, those effects started to go away. Do you know what would cause this and should I continue the program anyway?

Hello Angel,

Your experience is one that I can identify with. As a matter of fact, everyone feels the same way.

Then they ask. Is this working? Why has this experience fizzled out?

The way to understand and appreciate this is to compare your experience when exposed to a new beautiful environment. It's new. Your conscious brain and sensory cells are responding to a stimuli (the environment) that are new and unfamiliar. Over time, your brain cells get wired to these responses and become acclimatized to them.

Is it working? Yes.

Do you need to continue listening to it? No. Let brain rest for a week or two. Then listen to it again.
See how you feel.

If you get little out of it, your brain is telling you it is ready to respond to newer levels of brainwave entrainment. And that's why I shared in my articles to invest in a program-based brainwave entrainment such as the Brain Evolution System.

Finally, while you experience bliss with your listening, know that this is not the end goal of brainwave entrainment. The goal is to integrate both sides of your brain so that it can perform at peak levels.

It's truly funny. When you come to a point when your brain becomes very alert, aware and attuned, you hardly know it unless someone closed to you comment observations of postive or unfolding changes (changes when a lot of surpressed issues are released and healed) in you. Such observations allude to lbeing creative, resourceful, insightful, compassionate, radiant or possessing a calm disposition Then you realize you have changed!

Hope this helps!

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