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Energy Secrets - Restoring Depleted Energy

energy secrets

Here's a therapeutic exercise that acquaints you with energy secrets - the foundation for cultivating wellness of body, mind and inner self.

Do this therapy regularly, especially when you often feel stressed out, mentally drained and depleted of energy.

This is a simple yet powerful healing exercise for restoring your energy.

You can do this lying down or seated on a straight back chair. I suggest if you are feeling very weak, then do this exercise lying down first.

You may do this as often as you like. However, for a start, keep each session at 20 minutes. When you begin to feel the benefits of this exercise, you may extend the time.

I have often used this exercise. Over time, I have adapted the use of this exercise to another level of healing guided by intuition. It will be the same with you. After some time, let your intuition guide you to use this exercise at a deeper level for your own well-being.

Energy secrets: exercise 1

  1. Lie down flat on your back on your bed.
  2. Place your right palm over your abdomen just two inches below your navel.
  3. Do likewise with your left palm. Place it over your right hand.
  4. Inhale and exhale naturally.
  5. Bring your attention to your palm that is rested on your abdomen.
  6. Do this for 20 minutes.
  7. If you find yourself falling asleep, well and good.
  8. If you find your mind drifted elsewhere after a while, gently bring your attention back to your palm.
  9. If you feel a warm feeling or tingling sensation in your abdomen, well and good.
  10. At other times of the day, you may do the same while sitting or standing.
  11. This exercise is called "Gathering your chi energy".

Energy - The foundation of life

This article shares more intimately about energy secrets as it relates to your health and wellness.

When you begin to develop a keen sensitivity to subtle aspects of yourself, to how your energetic field affects - and is affected by - your environment and those around you, you have to play your part in CONSCIOUSLY co-creating a better life for yourself and all.

Our goal, for now, is to experience being fully alive to life.

Simple words but dare I say cell-ularly transforming when one gradually awakens to it.

All of life is energy. From the inanimate to the animate.

Energy does not emanate or reflect from a person, the ENERGY is the person, the core.

You are ENERGY filled with intelligence. Understanding how to use your energy properly is key to your well-being, success and happiness.

Our knowledge of energy comes from what we have been taught to know. That is, we associate energy by the calories intake that comes from our food. We associate energy by the amount of energy we expend at work or at play.

This is just bio-chemical energy. There is the bio-etheric energy back of biochemistry. Lying beneath subterranean levels of your unconscious are energy secrets you know NOT of.

But to the Rishis of ancient past, it is as natural as the air you breathe!

So let’s try to understand about our human energy so as to better care for ourselves. 

You are NOT just a body

This may surprise you. We are not just a physical body. We exist as seven bodies!

Actually, your physical body is soaked in your seven fine bodies much as a fetus is soaked in amniotic fluid.

Our physical bodies exist within a larger body, a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience of reality, including health and illness.

These vital layers of energy fields that surround the human body can easily be detected by Kirlian photography, an ultra high speed form of photography that captures the human auras.

Now, what is the significance to you of this that you can’t see other than your flesh, skin, blood, bones and what you wear.

Your health and well-being!

Which means everything to do with aging, your vitality and rejuvenation.

As you learn to use energy secrets to cultivate more healthy energy within all 7 energy fields, the more alert, vibrant, alive and powerful you are.

Now, here's reality……

Most of us have just enough energy to survive our daily challenges and activities.

At this level of energy, we are living a life of unnatural aging through weakening of body and mind. 

Dis-ease and Illness

When your energy field is disturbed or imbalance, it manifest as dis-ease and then as pain, and finally illness or disease.

For example, before you experience in what you call a flu, understand that at the energetic level of your being, the causative factors that brought about your flu has already taken place in your energy field.

Therefore, to bring about healing and cure, the most effective way is to interact with and affect changes at the energetic level within the Human Energy Field.

One should not wait until illness or disease starts to manifest in our physical body to begin effecting changes in our energy field. Rather, one should cultivate an awareness of mind and body so that when there is the slightest imbalance we feel about our energy, we should take immediate steps to restore balance and re-charge your energy levels. 

Your Life Force

Know that you are fully responsible for restoring, cultivating, sustaining and invigorating your energetic life force.

Energy is indeed our most precious resource, even more important than time.

You must use your energy judiciously, and then replenished in the right way.

Within the human energy field, there exist invisible energy meridians. These are the internal energy pathways that runs throughout the physical body which energetically connect a person’s organs and their many subsystems.

Any blockage or imbalances to these energy flow can cause illness, depression, distort our perceptions, and dampen our feelings.

In the long run, if left un-checked, it will result in serious disease and damage to body and mind. 

Energy Healing

Energy healing could be considered one of the most fundamental and profound therapies in the field of complimentary medicine and holistic health.

Energy Healing is an ongoing process of maintaining vibrant health. It promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the "human energy field" or "aura" which permeates and surrounds the body.

This works best when you are an active partner in your healing process. You facilitate this by allowing yourself to be truly open and ready to receive the energy and use it to heal your physical, mental, and/or emotional issues.

Note that energy healing facilitates wellness but it should NOT be used in place of conventional medical treatments/therapy, especially in the event of illness. 

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