Don't Sweat The Fat Stuff
The More You Burn, The More You Age

Sweating is great for your well-being. Just don't run to sweat the fat stuff. The more you burn, the more you age.

So isn't sweating burning too?

Yes. It is the result of burning from within. But when sweating is induced excessively by intensity exercises or hot yoga, inflammation to the body can be detrimental to your internal organs.

Left to its natural function, having active sweat glands bring surprising benefits that most people don’t realise. 

When sweating normally...your body

  • produces endorphins which act as natural painkillers.
  • stabilises mood swings and induces a sense of calm.
  • regulates your body temperature bringing about homeostasis.
  • rids toxins through your sweat pores.

Sweating To Lose Weight

If you think sweating is a good way to lose weight, it isn't.

What you lose is water weight and the damage to you is dehydration and aging. You certainly don't want to look older than your age.

There is beauty in every shape and size. Each person has his/her optimal body mass and weight. 

Your goal is to attain health and mental well-being. The key to attaining this is by cultivating healthy internal organs functioning and maintaining healthy weight levels.

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