Fighting Fats With The Wrong Brain
Learn A Better Way To Shape Better

Are you fighting a losing battle to lose weight?

Are you left wondering why you are nowhere near your goal of erasing inches off your belly despite committing to a diet and exercise program?

Stop despairing. The problem isn't what you consciously put in your mouth and what you do at the treadmill. 

The REAL problem is that the experts at weight management - the gurus of diet and instructors of fitness programs - are having you bark up the wrong tree.

They are having you use the wrong brain in fighting your weight off. Needless to say, they don't even know that. Even if they knew, I doubt they know of the ART to help you lose weight.

Now, I am not saying that diet and exercise play no part. They do. But they aren't the first efforts you should expend your time and energy on.

Your time and energy are better spend 20 minutes on your bed. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I urge you to read on. You will come to learn that it takes more ART than SCIENCE to attain a slimmer contour and to look younger than your age.

Abdominal Brain

What has your diet and exercise got to do with your brain in your struggle to burn excessive fats?

First, most of us turn to our brain-in-the-head to learn about everything we need to know about the different types of diet and the various exercise regimen.

And then you use this same brain to apply what you have learned to overcome weight problem. And so in your fight against flab, you are using your brain to communicate with your body cells by signalling them to respond to your diet and exercise programs.

But your body cells aren't responding. Intelligent as they are, the cells are reading off signals that you are depriving them of their desired nutrients and start to turn defensive. They begin to store more fats and burn less with that little food you give them!

In other words, your body cells have habituated and adapted to the new stressed conditions you have imposed on them. Soon, you are back to putting on more weight.

The difference now, is you are eating less, exercising longer and still putting on weight!

Disillusioned with your strategy and guru, you are back to your brain-in-the-head for another new weight loss diet and exercise program.

Listen. What you did isn't the problem; the brain you are using is!

Did you know that your abdominal is host to a 2nd brain?

Sprawling the surface walls of the oesophagus to the stomach to the intestines are neuronal cells similar to the brain cells in your head. Known as the enteric nervous system, these brain cells number more than those of your brain-in-the-head and spinal cord that form the central nervous system.

It is your abdominal brain, and the organs surrounding this brain that have a greater say over your ageing process and weight management! It is to this brain and those organs under the belly that your body cells will obey and respond to whatever instructions given to shed weight and rejuvenate your body.

Communicating Signals For Weight Loss

Where it concerns your health such as slowing down the ageing process and regulating your weight, you must work to communicate with your abdominal hub.

These are:

  1. The abdominal brain
  2. The organs and their network associated with the abdominal brain, known in oriental wellness as the Zang Fu organs.These are the organs and meridian channels of the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach and intestines.

And the way you work to communicate with the abdominal hub is by way of abdominal self-massage. This is, by no means, any ordinary belly massage.

The method and technique are a jealously-guarded oriental system. It is often known as the Circadium + 416 among learned teachers of this self-massage therapy.

Circadium 416 stimulates, activates and promotes healthy interactive relationship among the Zang Fu organs towards optimal efficiency. This, in turn, re-balances your circadian or biological clock. The latter, in turn, results in improved metabolism and hormonal secretions.

In time, your body re-calibrates and adjust to a natural slimmer contour and exudes a healthy radiance in your eyes and face.

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