Healing hands; Healing Touch
Experience Healing Massage Beyond Spas

You are unlikely to find them in the spas! Massage therapists blessed with healing hands and healing touch.

I have mentioned, in passing, about such gifted, intuitive therapists before. I am fortunate to have known one in Joanna, my wife. And there are many such therapist scattered everywhere.

The problem is, unless you have heard about them through the grapevine, you are unlikely to find them even if he or she is living in your midst!

I decided to seek them out. In Phuket, Thailand for a start.

Now, here's something that is little known about the world of massage therapists. You have those that are found employed in wellness spas. And you have those - they are better known as healers - who own their own small holistic, new age or wellness centres.

At the spas, you have two categories of therapists - spa masseuse; and complementary healthcare therapist. They are professionals and effective in their chosen fields but they are NOT the ones I would associate as gifted with healing hands and healing touch.

Healers, who have mostly originated in the spas and evolved into their own, are the ones with healing hands and healing touch. At the level of massage techniques and skills, there are little to choose between the spas and healing centres. You will also find little to compare or choose from their spa menu. 

Natural Energy

But here's where the similarities end and the big, big qualitative difference begins.

This DIFFERENCE deepens the healing of body and mind.

This invisible difference, when complemented with the natural environment and high-tech machines that spas provide, can greatly accelerate recovery and promote rejuvenation.

This vital DIFFERENCE arises in the form of natural energy or healing energy that flows through healing hands and healing touch that gifted therapist possess. Yet, these very gifted therapists would never lay claim to owning natural energy.

They have evolved their healing massage into an intuitive art and process. They are able to align their body, mind and spirit to be at one with nature's law.

With a pureness of heart, they become as conduit, allowing nature's healing energy to move in and through them. Hence, they allow healing energy to work its way into the client's body and mind.

Such healing massage is subtly penetrative, pervasive and powerful.

Without your awareness, their healing hands and healing touch unblock tensions and deep-seated mental and emotional issues. In some cases, you feel such healing instantly. In most cases, you notice the effect on you days to weeks later.

In the hands of gifted therapist, choice of massage is not significant. You can choose any massage treatment. Natural energy will find its way through these gifted therapists' healing hands and healing touch.

With the spas, you can choose aromatherapy or Swedish massage or any one of their latest additions. What you get is a different approach to a massage treatment. The focus is always on the technique NOT the therapist. You would be lucky if you get a therapist that displays more than just massage strokes. However, such therapist will never get noticed by the spas for her innate gifts!

Such is the problem with wellness spas. Commercialism has taken over authenticity. There is no place for such gifted healers dedicated to their field.

Hence, you find them operating their own small centres.

In Phuket, located at the main road at Surin Beach, I discovered Roseberry New Age Centre.

The owners are Dorinda (pix at right) and Nikorn. And they have a team of gifted therapist. They had all originated from Banyan Tree Spa, Thailand. Dorinda was instrumental in creating the Banyan Tree Spa.

I decided to check them out. They had a number of treatments. I was recommended their "Rei Massage" which is a combination of massage, reiki and opening of the eye chakra.

That all sounds very nice. Although I have been familiar with all those new age hype, I wasn't really reined in on reiki. I was more interested in the quality of the therapist. 

Rei Massage

Now, I simply can't do justice to the therapist without sharing about what is going on with the massage. So what's special about Rei Massage?

To begin with, my therapist, Sanon, massaged each section of my body and correspondingly, placed both hands either by laying on or holding gently on the part massaged. At times, both hands are placed in same section. At other times, the therapist would place one hand in one area and the other hand in another location simultaneously.

Now that's so much for the techniques and movement for Rei Massage. And it all looks rather simple. But underlying each movement and laying of hands, I felt warming, invigorating sensation that penetrated into my body. My breathing became deeper. And I was closed to relaxing into sleep mode.

I was surprised that the therapeutic effect that flowed through Sanon's healing hands was not necessarily section-specific. For example, when he held my legs, I did not feel any thing that was being done to my legs other than the feeling of deep warm in my legs. But the treatment there had an effect on my breathing and depth of relaxation.

Furthermore, different parts of my body responded to his healing touch differently. For example, I did not feel I was breathing as deeply when Sanon placed his hands on my hands.

Now, I thought I would leave my most lasting impression for the last. As I had learned from Dorinda, this last part of the Rei Massage is their signature healing touch!

After working on my neck and shoulders, Sanon treated my forehead, the area between my eyebrow with a few drops of their specially blended oil.

Dorinda disclosed that she was guided to create this oil from a meditatively inspired vision.

The effect on me was immediately mind-clearing. 

I felt it brought a sense of clarity, as if a veil had been lifted off me, which was most felt at the time of application.

The Rei Massage is priced at 1400 Bht. But truly, it's not the Rei Massage you are getting. It's the gift of healing touch transmitted through the hands of Sanon, the therapist!

Interestingly, my friend, who was massaged by another therapist, shared similar sentiments. He thought it was the uniqueness of the massage.

He didn't realise he was massaged by the healing hands and healing touch of nature.

Roseberry New Age Center is located at 200m from the Plaza on Surin main road, Surin Beach, Phuket. If you are staying in Patong, taxi ride is about 25 mins.

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