How To Meditate Without A Guide
Be Your Own Best Guide To Meditation

You can learn how to meditate without a guide and still achieve the benefits of meditation effortlessly. I speak from personal experience.

People who succeed on learning on their own go a long way to experiencing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The benefits are manifold:

You begin to notice your capacity to deal with stress. You experience calmness and serenity within you.

Your awareness expands such that you witness to life within and without with greater insights and clarity.

Now you get a glimpse of the mystery of life: Life is a gift that comes at you. You need NOT judge or react. You respond.

Having greater awareness of your thoughts and feelings, you are now able to manage your emotions better. Hence, you start to realise your relationship with yourself and with others improve naturally.

And there is a more gratifying reason for learning how to meditate:

You Will Look Younger Than Your Age!

For me personally, the most rewarding benefit of meditation is the experience of being fully alive to LIFE!

Meditation & Brainwave Entrainment

There are many ways you can learn how to meditate. Find one that suits you.

But know this: The technique is NOT the meditation; the aftermath of letting go is (releasing the technique).

And so, knowing from past experience that everyone tends to get hung up in the technique, I have a better suggestion for you. You will learn of it below.

The key to learning how to meditate is to first understand what actually happens during meditation.

The word "meditation" is really a misnomer. "Brainwave entrainment" is a better alternative term. It is easy to understand why.

When you learn how to meditate using traditional methods of focused concentration - breathing, mantra, visualization, silence - what you are actually doing is, altering your brainwave patterns.

This can be proven. With electrodes placed at various positions on your head, your brainwaves can easily be measured and displayed on an EEG monitor while you are in meditation.

The readings reveal your brain's electrical patterns during the phases of your meditation. They appear as pulsing waves vibrating at various rates and are measured in hertz.

When you meditate, and only if you learn how to meditate well, your brainwaves will phase from beta state (awake alertness) to alpha (relaxed alertness) and then to theta state (dreaming state).

There are other brainwave patterns such as delta. Advanced meditators can remain alert while they meditate deep into delta state.

For most of us, we would already drift into sleep mode when our brainwaves are in delta.

Among meditators, despite years and years of traditional practice, they still could not advance beyond theta state.

Today, the traditional approach to practicing meditation has given way to the technology of meditation - brainwave entrainment.

So we say, when you meditate, you are entraining your brainwaves from beta to delta and back to beta at will.

Only with practise, will you become increasingly adept at entering in and out of your natural brainwaves. However, as I will suggest later, there is an effortless way to become adept at experiencing your brainwaves.

The only brainwave that you don't need practice is beta. You wake up to beta everyday.

Few of us can really be said to be living in normal beta range. For many of us, our brain state pulses at 30 hertz and above - the state that projects tension, anxieties and fears.

We have become so conditioned to a life of stress. Hence, to get out of stress and tension, we must learn to re-discover how to tune in to those areas of our brain naturally, effortlessly that enhances rest, relaxation, healing and rejuvenation.

So what's the big deal about accessing these brainwaves states?

These brainwave states - alpha to delta - are doorways to accessing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

They are associated with peak mental states. For example, the state of alpha is associated with learning and remembering.

The state of theta is known to enhance creativity and problem-solving and healing.

They are also associated with healing and rejuvenation of body and mind.

Cell rejuvenation occurs mostly in the deep theta to delta state.

For example, in sleep, our brainwaves will pulse momentarily at the deep delta frequency of 1.5 hertz. At this frequency, our growth hormone is stimulated for release.

People who sleep deeply generally look young because of their unconscious ability to get that right amount of delta sleep state.

Most people don't get enough delta sleep. So the signs of aging start to show up.

When you learn how to meditate, you will come to a time when you know how to effortlessly phase into any one brainwave state at will.

For example, in the morning when I go for my breakfast coffee at a cafe, and oblivious to the noise that pervades the air, I am able to tune my brain to between deep alpha and mid theta state.

In those states, I am bathed with soothing, vitalizing energy for some 10 minutes. At the same time, creative ideas spring up that often amaze me.

Meditation Cd - The Effortless Way

Now that I have demystified meditation for you, you are probably confounded by the many methods of meditation in the marketplace.

Here is where gurus and teachers of meditation try to delude you.

They try to sell you into thinking that you can find enlightenment and God with their meditation.

The truth is, you are your own best guide to meditation once you discover and experience your own brainwaves.

The key is to get familiar with what these brainwaves states are. You don't need a guru to take you there.

You have now a technology of meditation in the form of brainwave entrainment audio Cd that enables you in a relatively short period of time to experience these meditation states!

I didn't have the aid of such a technology when I learn meditation 25 years ago. And so I had to learn a disciplined and focused way to access and experience these deeper brainwave states.

And it took me years!

Today, by listening to a brainwave entrainment meditation cd, you are having the technology duplicate those brainwaves for you.

It is effortless and after a while, you can dispense with the need for your meditation cd. You gradually know from the experience of repeated listening, how to access your brain states.

When you reach this level of meditation, you are your own best guide.

You get better and better at meditating deeply. Each time, you discover new aspects of your relationship with yourself and life.

Yet you know not to get stuck to any of the brainwave state.

Your left and right brain functions integrate.

It is impossible to describe how infinite your experience will be except that you now know how to live your life much more fully and deeply.

I highly recommend the Brain Evolution System as the choice brainwave entrainment technology for your meditation.

You will immediately learn how to meditate by NOT learning but by listening.

In a short period of time, like everyone else who have used the Brain Evolution System, you will reap physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It's a small investment that last a lifetime!

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