What Our Human Aura Says About Our Health & Vitality

What has our human aura got to do with choosing a spa treatment?

Well, it changed my mind about doing colon hydrotherapy.

And it got my wife to choose a treatment that would bring relief to a recurring injury.

Well, I am talking about our experience with an aura test done by S Medical Spa in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our aura scan did not choose the course of therapy for us.

It merely provides a glimpse into our general mind and body wellness.

As a result, we both felt we could do with an enlivening “Cool Guy/Cool Gal Massage” at S Medical Spa.

Human Energy Field

Our aura can tell us about the state of our general health and vitality.

Oval in shape, human aura is electromagnetic and radiates from our body. Though there are varying shades, the common colours are red, blue, green, yellow, orange, green, violet and white.

Our aura can change at any given moment and is influenced by factors such as our energy levels, moods and emotions. You have heard of the expression, ‘boss has been showing up a black face all day!

I was taught to see the aura in my study of metaphysics years ago.

Back then, I had learnt to perceive a person’s aura by holding his hand. As I became more attuned intuitively, I was able to see just by looking at the person.

Based on the colour that I see, I would give the person a positive or negative energy treatment or both if his aura is white.

So it was interesting to see S Medical Spa adopt aura scanning technology to scan a person’s auric field.

As a preliminary consultation, an aura scan is used to advise on the most appropriate spa treatment if you are unsure what you want.

For a deeper analysis of one’s overall health, S Medical Spa recommends the Bio Energy Medicine Test.

human aura test

I was asked to place both my palms outstretch on a scanning device. This device is connected to a computer. Within minutes, my aura was displayed on the monitor.

Wow! Cool.....!

A predominant orange with one to two interweaving bands of other colours showed up in my aura.

Joanna’s colour, when it came her turn, interestingly, was a predominant violet to purple colour.

Well, there are NOT just colours on the screen. There were some bar charts displayed – in one that indicates vitality and in the other, hydration levels.

Aura reading is generally associated with depicting one’s personality but at S Medical Spa, where the consultant did give an insight into each of our personalities, the focus was really on our overall health.

The human aura scan detected my body was feeling tired.

I wasn’t feeling very tired but I knew I was recovering from an agonizing abdominal pain that lasted few hours the previous night. As a consequence, my sleep was affected. I had over-indulged in seafood!

It also detected stress from heart palpitation. I wasn’t sure why. But, hey, I am still on vacation in Bangkok! Stress from shopping!

In Joanna’s case, she was clearly not drinking enough water.

Now, I have been telling her that at home for a long time but she didn’t agree. And now, the scan confirmed her poor hydration level.

I can tell you. Since coming back from our trip, she has been conscious about her water intake.

The aura scan also detected energy blockage on the right side of her shoulder. Joanna had a recurring muscle strain there, a symptom of occupational hazard from her work as a spa therapist.

In general, the aura scan gave us the thumbs up in overall health and vitality.

I had said I wanted to try out colon therapy. Though I had felt my body was a little weak, it did not register as strongly as the human aura scan did to discourage me from doing the detox.

Massage Strokes That Glide You To Sleep

In the end, we were happy to choose a spa massage that offered just the right medium pressure and a deeply relaxing experience: Cool Guy/Cool Gal Massage.

spa massage

We were led to the privacy of our treatment room, the Couple Suite, where we spend some 10 minutes in the steam bath followed by 20 minutes in the Jacuzzi.

Standing outside the entrance door of our suite, our two lovely therapists waited patiently for us until we were ready for the massage.

The massage seemed like few minutes!

In actuality, we were in eternity!

We realized our massage lasted an hour on our watch. I was told the entirety of the massage steps was formulated by the doctors at S Medical Spa.

What we could remember was how sedative it felt when our therapists began the massage with working on the soles of our feet while we lay face down. You just could not help falling asleep from thereon.

Or maybe it was a case of both: tiredness and the therapeutic effect of the massage.

One thing for sure……

The Cool Guy/Cool Gal massage certainly brought vitality back to the colours that make up our human aura!

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