Is it dangerous to use Brainwave entrainment all the time or the same type of brainwaves a lot?

by Chris
(San Diego, Ca)

I just got into brainwave entrainment and I have no problem whatsoever using the different types of brainwaves. They all seem to have a positive effect on me no matter which one I use. I was wondering if it was a bad idea to use brainwave entrainment daily or use the same type of brainwaves for an extended period of time like Gamma brainwaves for example? Are there some that are better for daily use than others like Alpha over Gamma or Theta?

Hello Chris,

Brainwave entrainment frequencies are associated with differing brainwave states. Our brainwave frequency states such as beta (15-30 Hz), alpha (9-14 Hz), theta (4-8 Hz), delta (1-3 Hz) and the less commonly accessed gamma (38-70 Hz) corresponds to differing mental states or potentiality.

Is one better than the other? Being able to access spontaneously to all your brain states at will, you would find more creative expression in life and a greater responsibility to use them for the betterment of the world hopefully.

It is not dangerous to use brainwave entrainment regularly but like any exercise, you certainly want to let your brain rest to allow its own re-wiring and integration. In addition, you do not want your brain to get "numbed to" or habituated to the entrainment process.

I wouldn't recommend listening to one type of entrainment state for more than 30 mins a day or everyday. Your brain pulses at varied frequencies and it is unnatural to force it into a particular brainwave state. You could get stuck or zone in to that state and then you find it difficult to shift in and out naturally.

Here is something most people don't really understand. You use brainwave entrainment as a tool to stimulate those parts of your brainwave state that have been left dormant for a long long time. The moment that happens, you don't need to go back to listening to brainwave entrainment again. Any prolonged listening to it does not increase your potential.

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