When A Life Coach Becomes
A Real Teacher of Life

I am often amused how one elevates himself to the status of 'life coach', 'business coach', ‘relationship coach” and now trending “social media coach”. 

Neither am I awed by those who acquire “guru” status, especially spiritual guru.

Historically, the word 'coaching' belongs exclusively to the domain of sporting world. It has unashamedly extended itself into the arena of life and business.

It is easy for anyone to carve out a career at becoming a coach or mentor. Just study for a coaching certificate or diploma. No experience required!

Generally, a life or business coach tells you what you ought to do based on acquired franchised knowledge.

You follow the steps your life coach or business mentor gives you to the letter.

You are to temporarily suspend your own knowledge, judgment and experience.

In short, you cede power to your coach.......

Of course, not all life coaches or business mentors graduate from franchised knowledge.

Many graduate from the school of hard knocks, succeeded, failed, and succeeded again.

This latter group comes endowed with the conviction and confidence of their prized experience and wisdom.

These are the ones, who walk their talk; who teach of methods tried and tested.

These are the ones deserving of the honour of being called ’Teachers of Life’.

Even among these deserving ones, teachers of life fall into two categories:

Those who have become household names owing in no small measure to media exposure and clever tagging on the coat-tails of the rich-and-famous.

And there are those who are known by word-of-mouth.

It is in the latter category, those who have made a name for themselves through word-of-mouth, that I have benefited most from their depth of sharing and imparting. I liken them to ‘real teachers of life’.

These are ordinary beings like you and me. They have no airs about them. They do not hog the limelight. Yet you recognise them as truly special.

If you ever cross path with such an individual, you are indeed blessed. Make the most of your time with such a being. Your life will truly transform! 

Real Teacher of Life

There are life challenges that are easily resolved at the objective brain level. Here the so-called franchised life coach or mentor that I mentioned above are adequate to the task to help.

There are also life challenges that would require diving into the depths of your being for resolution. Here you will do well to seek guidance from real teachers of life'.

Unlike franchised life coaches or mentors, real teachers of life have acquired a learning that is 'inwardly cultivated and earned'.

This inward cultivation of the mind and heart enables them to access knowledge beyond ordinary, objective knowledge. This knowledge belongs to the realm of the infinite from which information is communicated and perceived intuitively.

When the gift of intuition is combined with external knowledge and experience, real teachers of life provide invaluable answers that address the core issues of your life and help you undo what is preventing you from moving forward in life.

Real teachers of life exist and dwell in the LIFE PRINCIPLE:

Our MIND is an open book to the COSMIC.

They exist consciously at the level when minds are joined and so they are not limited and constraint by the laws of time and space.

Hence they can render help and perform work silently in ways that would seem miraculous to the ordinary man. 

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