The Great Story of Life

Few people truly realize their dream. Are you living your dream?

In my conversations with people, I observe that most are resigned, OR rather content, to living the DREAMS of others other than their very own.

It’s true some are in limbo about what their dream is. Well, if this is your problem, there certainly is a way to find out what that is.

It’s also true that many ignore (suppress) their dream. They just don’t believe they can fulfill it. If this happens to be you, know that unlearning what you believe about yourself is your greatest need to fulfilment. 

And sadly, there are the majority, who struggle daily to realise their dream.

While it appears our struggles are external, in truth, it is really our unconscious INNER BLOCKS of deeply-held beliefs that block us from realizing our dreams.

And so....this the story of ordinary lives.

We begin the journey of life with a dream.

With every failed attempt, the dream slowly passes into a wish.

With every passing year, the DREAM-to-WISH fades into EMPTINESS, into the deep recesses of our mind.

Keep your dream alive!

Open up to the possibilities of living your dream that life build it for you.

Living Your Dream That Life Build It For You

What is the ‘IT’ that life build?

"IT" is the Great Story of Life.

The Great Story of life is expressed in us yet not of us. "IT" weaves its story through the tapestry of your life regardless of whether you are aware or not.

Since you are unaware of it, you don't recognize it. Hence, you resist it.

Your unawareness serves only to delay your real dream from fully emerging.

You often feel it as the niggling feeling that nudges you on to something you know not what. You need only pay a little attention to recognise it is but your inner resistance to accepting that your dream and what life build for you is but ONE DREAM.

Fear of the unknown and living under the syndrome of just existing as a consumer of life are what binds you from ever heeding your inner passion and dream.

How then does one free himself to living the Great Story of one’s life?

You don’t.

Sooner or later, the pain of not living your Great Story in this sojourn of your life will become so unbearable that you will confront your fear and step out of the rut of just existing inside a box that everyone calls life.

Until you do so, and for a time, you know NOT what and how living your dream can be natural, effortless and spontaneous.

It is simple but not easy.

I will share some of what I have come to know below. 

The Great Story Of Life

There are three ways to living your dream.

You can live your dream outside the "Great Story of Life". That's how we have been taught. We have become so habituated in it. We live and thrive in it but NOT without paying a heavy price.

You can also live your dream inside the "Great Story of Life". That cannot be taught in the conventional sense. But with the right guide and mentor, you can find your way in it.

Already, people are beginning to discover it's another way to live and enjoy but it is also NOT without some compromise.

However, the best way to living your dream is when your Great Story and Dream converges from both inside and outside into ONE unifying life vision, purpose and passion.

This you will only come to know when you have experienced the contrast between living inside and outside the Great Story.

Here you experience being fully human, yet fully alive to your life and passion! Here, all small and big dreams find their way and unite towards a global dream.

So let’s re-visit briefly our experience as lived outside the Great Story of Life to find out why the way we live and thrive is an incomplete story.

Then we can explore living our dream inside the Great Story to see the possibilities there and what we are compromising.

Finally, you integrate, merge and witness to the Great Story of your life emerging as your personal life story and your part in a global story.

Outside The Great Story

There is an experience that you take for granted in your life that you want to be examining. This is something you and I have never seen.

Time and your relationship with time. Our calendar and clock determines what we would give importance and priority to in every aspect of life.

In living your dream outside the Great Story of Life, time plays such an important part in your life that it has acquired a value of its own.

Time is money.

Time is mortality (Hence pleasure).

Time is even enlightenment!

Time is a validation of "having arrived".

Whatever the idea of 'having arrived' is for each individual, it is a validation of one's achievement, success and fulfillment.

It is a measure of how much money and of every known asset in the world you can acquire in the shortest possible time.

Associated with time is the idea of means and end.

It's a simple, arcane idea but you can see how it has been made into a sophisticated course called MBA.

Living your dream means living with the end in mind. You live for the future. The means, which is the process, is the short or long journey with barriers and obstacles you must overcome with your intelligence and will to arrive at your end, your goal.

So what really happens in your relationship with time? You are caught up with your next moment of activity after activity in pursuit of the end in mind but are never really present to the creative process in each moment of activity.

The process (present) is seen as the cost/price you must pay in exchange for the benefit/profit (future).

So your sense of the present is something to be done with, to quickly get over with. And your sense of the future is something to arrive at, to savour.

Yet the crudest irony of living your dream outside the Great Story is that savouring your moment of arrival last but a moment. You are then back to the process of your next future goal.

In getting done with the process and thereafter, getting done by the arrival, there really is hardly an awareness outside of time in our relationship with time.

If you can really see how time has been your master, or another way of putting, how you are a slave to time, you can see how much you have given up your life in the form of your health, and wellness, your relationships and happiness. In a deeply felt way, you sense you have given up something about you called your SELF.

Motivation & Empowerment

When I first join the insurance industry, my boss told me to buy my ideal car first before I could even afford it. Fortunately, I did not heed his advice. I liked to think he was 'stroking' me - a term I use to mean a negative form of motivation and empowerment.

He also said when others see you driving the car, they will want to join the insurance profession. Again stroking at a false sense of easy money in an industry where you really work your socks off!

I have witnessed to many such artificial stroking of the ego in every level and strata of society. But it takes another level of awareness to see the insidiousness behind this use of motivation and empowerment.

The intent behind motivation and empowerment is rarely ever directed towards the well-being of the person motivated or empowered. The intent is to save the motivator's future time.

Behind the motivation to get me to buy my car was my boss's desire to arrive at his future financial goal and recruitment target. He knew well this would set up in me the unhealthy financial pressure to perform.

Taking on many variations, you can see motivation and empowerment employed to serve NOT the employee but the organization's goals of arriving at the soonest possible time (future).

You hardly hear of a motivation and empowerment that is directed or invested in the present sense of time.

I did learn of one when I was required to undergo a marriage preparation course prior to getting married. I remember vividly my mentor and confidante said this to us - be life-giving to each other.

To be life-giving is such powerful motivation and empowerment. It is neither of the past nor of the future. It is of the NOW!

To be life-giving is NOT to give of your life as in the act of sacrificing one's energy, time or resources.

To be life-giving is to recogniseacknowledge and allow in the person, who is present in your midst, recognition of his sense of self worth.

Such is the most powerful motivation and empowerment you can accord to anyone. Yet, observe around you and you see that motivation and empowerment employed, especially towards employees, take away their sense of self worth.

In whichever environment; at home, at work or at play. In whatever situation; in loneliness, in stress or in pain. Whoever he or she may be; family, boss, peer, or stranger, the power of being life-giving transmutes the energy of life into vitality, genius, creativity and cooperation.

Inside The Great Story

In living your dream inside the Great Story, time is NOT what you relate with. Time is NOT the centre of your consciousness.

Authenticity is. Authenticity becomes the focus of your life and is what you relate with.

Time becomes the servant of authenticity. You do not compromise authenticity because of the urgency of time.

In authenticity, you relate with others by first relating to yourself as fully as possible in naturalness, spontaneity and effortlessness.

It's the direct opposite of distrust and control which is a dominant attitude and behaviour of living outside the Great Story.

In such a relationship, you live fully in the moment. You embrace, accept the present moment as the outcome. You respond rather than oppose the outcome of the present moment.

You are NOT in denial. You do not explain away or justify your action or outcome for what or why they are the way they are.

As you respond to each moment in authenticity, you cannot be in conflict. You witness before you all the drama of life of which you partake. You allow all of it to play out.

When you first make that shift from living outside to inside the Great Story of Life, you experience mental, emotional and psychological transitions.

For want of understanding, you resent deeply the shifts you are undergoing . But it is all the good. Every change of habit is always a little discomforting. Remember this; it is the process of change NOT the result of change that causes discomfort.

It is well and good to have companions on the way. A good mentor and guide can support, reassure and help you to make that shift.

A good mentor and guide has the added strength to support you by reason of the fact that he has crossed the threshold of the shift inside the Great Story. Thus, he cannot be fooled by all the reasons you give for resisting your shift.

As you acclimatise yourself inside the Great Story, you experience a sense of calm and inner peace. You experience clarity of mind. As a result, ideas, answers to problems, creativity emerge.

You experience an immensity of joy as you witness a lightness of being and an aliveness in your surrounding that you never notice existed before.

Beware of the initial euphoria of being inside. You can get too stuck in and think this is where life belongs for you.

You can also become a victim of your own self-conceit, deceptions and delusions. The marketplace of conceited gurus and masters are legion! Instead of relating to authenticity, they relate to a new false sense of putting on the emperor's new clothes.

So while you have a physical map outside the Great Story of Life, your only map inside the Great Story is your commitment to authenticity. Your commitment to authenticity will inform your decisions as to what is appropriate now. 

Unpredictably Great Story

The best way to living your dream is when your dream converges from both inside and outside into the Great Story of Life.

Your personal dream becomes congruent with ONE unifying global vision, purpose and passion.

How does this come about?

By embracing your dream naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously.

By allowing your dream to metamorphose into the Great Story of Life.

This means accepting that you are now living your dream even though it seems unpredictably clear you are doing so.

Relate your dream as an expression of your personal authenticity in time.

Inside the Great Story is where you relate as best as you can with authenticity. Outside the Great Story is where you relate with time.

Inside the Great Story you discover the energy of chaos and creating. Outside the Great Story, you manifest order in creations.

In living your dream, authenticity correlates with time.

Authenticity brings your dream of the FUTURE to the NOW of creating and manifesting.

Your sense of the present is no longer something to be done with. And your 'sense of the future, of having arrived' is experienced in the present as 'be-ing'.

Thus, health of body and mind becomes immanent, sustainable and becomes the natural context of motivation and empowerment for vision, dream, purpose and passion. In short, for living your dream. 

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