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Welcome to "Chatter Blog".

Chatter Blog is what very often happens when I try to make sense of all the chatters of whims, fancies and curiosities, even controversies happening around me:).

What I hope to do here is suss the best from chatter boxes everywhere into my Chatter Blog. In short, I cut to the chase:)


Free Additional Night Hotel Stay. Book Your Bhutan Trip With Us!

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Sleeping Mask | From The Island of Jeju

Discover the sleeping mask that skin doctors and beauticians are secretly using for themselves.

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Yoga of Sounds

Experience the sounds that can transform your life. Learn the sounds of yoga that promote a younger-looking YOU!

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Abdominal Massage Oil

Experience a most deeply relaxing abdominal massage oil for stress relief, fatigue, stomach bloatedness, slimming and de-aging

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A Better Way To Lose Weight

Are you fighting a losing battle to lose weight? Your problem could well be that you are using the wrong brain!

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Circadium 416

Do you realise you can transform from being fat to slim in just a matter of simple massage steps on the abdominal? Where it comes to youthful ageing, you can achieve more with art than in science!

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There are two powerful symbols that govern the law of change and transformation. If you are desiring to lose weight, to look younger than your age, you need to know how to employ these two symbols.

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Chatter Blog | Spleen of Slimming

The concept of yin and yang alludes to opposing forces in life.The concept of 5 Elemental Energies explains changing phenomena including their interactions and relationships.

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Stomach Massage

While there is little debate to the benefits of muscle massages for various parts of the body, stomach massage often gets overlooked in the overall benefit of massage.

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