Black White Meditation Techniques

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There is much hype made out of meditation techniques. Don’t get fooled by their exotics. There is no black or white to their stance.

With the advent of the use of sound technology for meditation, the noise out there clamoring for your attention and money in exchange for a modicum of enlightenment is laughable indeed.

Your time is more valuable and beyond refund than the outlay of money.

You can withhold from associating with gurus and ashrams.

You should delay from signing up for a course in transcendental meditation or any other types of meditation until you reflect a little about what I would like to share with you.

I had been an advertising manager of a media company that published wellness and holistic magazines. In that time, I was exposed to all kinds of energy healing teachers and practitioners, spiritual and meditation teachers and life coaches. I was introduced to their gurus, mostly about their line of gurus or masters, healing modalities and types of meditation.

The irony is - I prefer to call delusions - each of them profess his system or approach is the best, the most powerful and the quickest to self-transformation and enlightenment.

Are there really such powerful meditation methods?

There are! They enlighten your EGO!

You become an enlightened ego in a world of your own delusions.

Soon you become another guru in the making and that makes for good economy but hardly an enlightened world.

Your Centre of Awareness

Who is at the centre of your awareness?


And what do your meditation techniques do for you?

Change your brainwave patterns. Increase your awareness of YOU. Relieve your stress. Rejuvenate your cells. Improve your mental well-being.

Well, then you don’t need meditation techniques. You could just listen to a brainwave entrainment meditation cd .

With increased awareness, you naturally know what to do and not to do to be relaxed, experience peace of mind and feel a little more creative and intelligent.

But the YOU still remain the centre of YOUR awareness. That’s not the fruit of meditation.

Your meditation must ultimately bring you to the awareness that there exist NO YOU in the centre.

But no single technique of meditation can do that!

Rather, it's the RELEASE of everything you think and know that can do that.

And that cannot be taught. Teachers and teachings can merely point the way.

So what brings you to a sudden recognition and realization that all your problems have been rooted to your concept of self.


When GRACE catches up with you, you relate with a SELF that is beyond your self. You LIVE in the world but you know you are NOT of this world.

You can then live your life in carefreeness without judgment, fear or loss because you have ceded your self to THE SELF.

GRACE lives for and in you. 

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