Multiple Brainwaves A Day

by Jorge

Can I listen to different frequencies daily. For example: if I listen to concentration brainwave and a hour later I listen to reduced anxiety will I still have the effect of the concentration or will it fade away and let's reduced anxiety takeover and is it safe to do that

Hello Jorge,

You ask a good question!

Let's give ourselves a scenario for listening to different frequencies based on need.

So let's say you need to focus at work, so you listen to beta for 30 minutes.

Late in the afternoon, you have a presentation to make. To calm you down, you listen to alpha for 30 minutes.

At night, you want to sleep better, you listen to theta and delta.

Is that fine?

In theory, they are frequencies that correspond to brainwaves that are associated with different neuronal functional states.

In practice, in my personal opinion, doing so for an indefinitely period makes you a "zombie".

You feel zoned-out!

Don't be overtly reliant on brainwave entrainment products such that you forget the main goal is to help you do without them once your brain recognises how to access those frequencies states at will.

Remember, even if your use is to focus in the morning, your brain, in its natural state, functions across many frequencies state although your predominant state for that moment is beta.

When you put on beta every morning for 30 minutes, what's really happening is you are habituating your brain to beta for as long as it can. The entrainment makes it so.

But your brain may after a period of time, become so habituated in beta that you find it hard to switch states at will.

This is a common experience with those who over-indulge in listening to stand-alone theta and delta.

Stand-alone frequencies aren't bad in themselves. But the marketplace of these products don't advise that you should alternate your use of brainwave entrainment products. You listen, perhaps for a week. Then you let your brain settle down for a week.

This way, it is healthy and promotes optimal brain integration.

I highly recommend that instead of listening to different single frequency, listen to a program-based multiple frequencies once a day first thing in the morning.

Hope this helps:)


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