Experience a most amazing 4 minutes
that can AMpower your life.

Your name is full of power and mystery!
Unravel the hidden secrets of your birth name.
Listen to the soundscapes of your life. Be empowered.

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signature sound of your name

Live your dream effortlessly.

Observe those who seem to have that midas touch.
Do they give the impression that they pound on doors? No. Yet, pounce they do! They pounce upon impressions that flash across the screen of their mind. Listen to the sounds of your name. See in your mind’s eye the very dots that connect your life to your dream.


Look younger naturally.

Heard of the unspoken truth? Intelligent mind pervades each and every cell. Now, what do you feed your cells every day? Thoughts and feelings. Food and fluid. Dust and noise. There you have it - DNA that feels more stressed than you are! But here’s a secret. There’s light in every darkened cell. Let intelligent mind bridge DNA via rejuvenating sounds unique to your name


Feel zest for life spontaneously.

Vision and passion. Powered by imagination, they are real enablers of life and living. Don't you think so? So what's grounding most people to a life of mediocrity and boredom? Being an incessant consumer of life? Or is it the other way round? Either way, only a change in perception can blaze a new trail. Awaken to new perceptions as you listen to the sounds of your name.

"MySoulSync speaks to me in such a deeply personal way. Both the music and the message resonate so perfectly with me. Listening to it gives me confidence and inner strength. It's like a wise advocate whispering in my ear."
- Annalyn , Napa California

"MySoulSync is a unique meditation aid that strikes at the core of my being. It works on many levels with music, message and binaural beats to synergistically encourage my innate neural plasticity and allow for genuine life changes. Wonderful!"
- Dale , San Francisco California

MySoulSync is created by Earthzense

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