Natural Stress Relief
Through Your Ears

Most natural stress relief tips are hardly effective.

To be effective, you must learn to raise your threshold for stress.

Strangely, few personal stress management experts advocate that!

By increasing your threshold, you can face the FIGHT of daily challenges with little resistance. And you don't have to take FLIGHT because few problems are hardly too big for you to handle.

But how do you go about raising your threshold for stress without subjecting yourself to increasing stress?

It can be done.......

Here's my story of how I had discovered a natural stress relief tool that changed my life......

In Oct 2007, I woke up one morning feeling reinvigorated, as if I have been born into a refreshingly new world. It was nothing to laud about but personally for me, rare to wake up from a very good deep restful sleep.

I am sure most of us have this rare experience (minus sleeping pill and alcohol).

Actually, this feeling of vitality I was experiencing didn’t matter much until I reached the office.

At the office, several colleagues took notice and remarked how “rejuvenated and youthful” I looked and insisted to know “What I did last night”.

It was flattering to the point of feeling discomforting.

I cheekily answered, “I had a good one last night!”.

But beneath the humour, I spent all afternoon in a state of wonder.

I sought a quiet quest for an explanation.

“What if I could wake up each morning to the same rejuvenation?”

That intensity to know led me to the discovery of something MORE ENLIGHTENING than all those feel good comments I was getting in the day.

For 5 months since that occurrence in Oct 2007, I quietly immersed myself daily for an hour listening to a Cd with stereo headphones.

The outcome?

I have found NOT only an answer to those who have sleep problems.

I have experienced significant reduction in stress, anxieties and fatigue.

But what is most revealing:

I discovered what could well be a scientifically powerful way to dial my way to rejuvenation and youthfulness.....

All by listening for one hour to a CD!

How A Scientifically Proven New Technology Stops Unnatural Aging, Increase Mental & Emotional Well-Being & Awaken Potential In You.

Now what I had found and experimented for 5 months since that Oct 2007 event provided much MORE than just a NATURAL STRESS RELIEF solution.

I experienced that by just listening to a CD playing to the sound of rainfall and temple bells, I was not only able to sleep faster, remain asleep and wake up fully rested and rejuvenated but I was gradually experiencing increased levels of mental and emotional well-being.

I experienced increased self-awareness, personal insight and clarity.

I felt more confident and empowered!

Now, the magic isn’t in the rainfall and temple bells I was listening to.

The magic is in those pulse tones or beats lying beneath the music that you barely hear with your ears but the brain seems able to pick up and resonate with!

The neuroscience behind it is called brainwave entrainment.

There's a whole new revolution taking place in brain 
science. As we discover more and more about how
our brain works and its effect on aging, brain health
and brain fitness has become as important as heart 

Click here to learn more about brain fitness

Now here’s what I learn about stress and methods for natural stress relief.

We have been brainwashed by stress experts to ACCEPT stress as a necessary and unavoidable part of life. The "acceptance" becomes a stress relief strategy in itself, and thus induces a natural stress relief.

I don't buy that!

My experience is this:

If an event triggers stress in you, and the next time it happens, it doesn't stress you anymore, it is NOT because of your ACCEPTANCE of that event that leads to a natural stress relief.

Rather, the event has caused your brain to up your threshold for stress.

Now through the use of neurotechnology, there are "training wheels" that you can use to increase your stress threshold and hence experience natural stress relief.

Neurotechology Devices

Neurotechnology may be viewed as brain exercise tools that enable one to learn how to relax deeply and let go of stresses and concerns of life.

Brainwave entrainment is one such tool used in neurotechnology.

This uses audio stimulation to train your brain to induce natural stress relief.

The use of brainwave entrainment does NOT only dissolve stress.

It also has the effect of enhancing brain health by facilitating the release of hormones that are essential for longevity and youthfulness.

But BEWARE....NOT all brainwave entrainment tools deliver results.

As I began to learn more about brainwave entrainment and experimented with listening to brainwave entrainment Cds, I soon learned they are all NOT the same and do NOT give the results I was looking for.

Firstly, popular Cds labeled as “music for relaxation” or “music for meditation” or “spa music” at retail stores aren't as therapeutic as they are written on their covers!.

While these generic types of relaxation Cds do soothe and calm your nerves , they do NOT increase your threshold for stress.

They do not have embedded in their music pulse beats or tones which are the process used to entrain the brain to effect a natural stress relief.

Secondly, there are those purported to sell brainwave entrainment products but in actuality are just pieces of music - scam!

Thirdly, there are brainwave entrainment products that are produced for specific problems and enhancement benefits - for insomnia, anti-aging, superlearning, creativity, memory and confidence building just to name a few.

It would appear that you will need to listen to different specific Cds to serve different needs. Again, this isn’t really necessary from my personal experience.

I must confess when I first sought to find a way to sleep deeply, I found one that was just the perfect answer to what I sought: IMUSIC Deep Sleep Suite.

IMUSIC Deep Sleep Suite is very good if you suffer from sleep problems or what is known as non REM sleep . If this is what your main problem is, then go for it. You will sleep very well before the music ends!

But I was now interested in MORE than just getting deep delta sleep!

What if you could do with less sleep, stay awake in Delta (which in the ordinary person is impossible as you will be drifted off to sleep), and still allow your body system to renew and rejuvenate?

What if you could tell your DNA positive life-enhancing messages while in delta state?

Then you will be interested in what I have found.

Listening to Holosync Solution is, in my opinion, excellent for natural stress relief. 

But Holosync Solution serves more than just that. It is a self growth program that uses brainwave entrainment to create delta wave patterns in your brain. This enable your body to renew and rejuvenate. You achieve mental, emotional well-being.

However, Holosync Solution is NOT the cheapest. That’s why I started with other brainwave entrainment Cds before trying out Holoysnc. And I could tell you now why I rate Holosync Solution highly.

I started with requesting for a demo CD which Holosync Solution still gives away.

The demo Cd arrived complete with a set of excellent information about what listening to Holosync Solution does to accelerate your personal growth.

After 3 days of listening to the demo cd, I made an online purchase to get Awakening Prologue to experience the full benefits. Within a week, the package finally arrived in my mail.

Since I had some experience in meditation (I had practiced meditation for some years), I had also gotten another friend who is totally alien to meditation and relaxation therapy to listen to the CD.

Within a week of listening, we did experience noticeable changes to our internal state. 

We felt centred and alive to our enviroment. For example, we percieve a beauty of the surroundings that we don't even give the slightest attention to before. But this change of perception seems so natural as if a veil had been lifted off our eyes!

In my friend's case, the changes in him were more felt. He was experiencing a sense of "high", of renewed well-being within a week of listening. 

In my case, the changes were subtle but deeper. 

After about two months of use, we both experienced:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep and an increase in energy and vitality
  • Improved mental and emotional well-beingWe had also experienced periods of "feeling out of sync" - kind of spaced out - mentally and emotionally but these eventually faded out. 

    A lightness of mind and body became more felt thereafter.Combined with what I ordinary do in meditation, I was able to reach deeper levels of meditation and relaxation than I ever did! 

    Now, I mentioned Holoysnc is more than just a neurological tool for natural stress relief.Two weeks after I had purchased Awakening Prologue, I received a surprised gift from Bill Harris, Director and Founder of Centerpointe Research Institute:
  • A free gift of his book, “Threshold of The Mind”
  • A set of printed literature on recent research on neuroscience
  • Two entrainment Cds on ‘Super Longevity“ and “Making Life Changes Work”
  • A set of 6 Cds recorded live at the Glen Ivy Centerpointe Spring Retreat.
  • All the information and especially the "Follow Up Support Letter" that arrived in my mail box every fortnightly explains what changes I could expect from listening to the Cd as weeks went by.

    I found his book “Threshold of the Mind ” especially very readable, educational, research-based and enlightening on how brain wave entrainment can help you achieve all the benefits in minutes what takes meditators years of constant practice to do so.

    And I have been encouraged to phone-in or email if I have the slightest doubt or questions. However, I had not found it neccessary to date to render such support.

    As I continue to use Holosync for some months now, the personal changes to my whole being extends to deeper inner peace, self assured confidence, happiness and much greater awareness and a higher threshold to face life challenges.

    It seems my brain has been undergoing progressive synchronization!

    Now, here is what I believe makes Holosync Solution the most effective natural stress relief and self growth program to date.

    What I believe that makes Holosync Solution work so well is in addition to the binaural beats that Bill uses, he is also aware that it requires precise layering of the sound frequency for entrainment to be effective.

    This true-to-value proprietary precision standards explains why he is able to guarantee the benefits you will derive from his product.

    Holosync or Brain Evolution System

    In 2009, I decided it was time to do a review update on this article.
    click here to read about the two most recommended program-based
    brainwave entrainment products today.

    Your State of Mind is Directly Determined By Your Brain Wave Patterns

    If getting to sleep is your main problem, know that Holosync Solution works as well for your immediate problem. But what it does is much more than just providing a natural stress relief or sleep solution.

    Every time you listen to the Cd, Holosync Solution provides a stimulus to your brain and nervous system. This push increases the threshold of your mind, causing your brain to re-organise and create new neural pathways.

    After some time, you seem to know how to naturally access and induce the appropriate brain waves to respond effectively to situations and challenges you face daily. Your brain now remembers how to create brainwave patterns that elicits a natural stress relief.

    Both your right and left brain becomes more synchronized.

    The outcome?

    You begin to operate at peak state!

    You experience a state of whole brain functioning. Whole brain functioning is associated with increased creativity… insight … learning ability … problem solving ability … memory …increased self-awareness.

    You gain a higher threshold for stress. What used to overwhelm and drain you no longer seem to be the case.

    You experience reduced chatter in the mind, greater clarity and peace of mind.

    You naturally sleep better and deeper. What could be a more natural stress relief and sleep remedy than sleeping pills!

    The net effect of all this functioning is that your body is now able to go about its restorative and renewal functions as a result of your brain functioning optimally.

    When both hemispheres of the brain are synchronized, they achieve congruency and enable us to function optimally at higher levels of mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

    The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself 

    Read about my latest review 2009 on Brain Evolution System

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