Attributes of Nurtured Soul

What characterises a human being as a nurtured soul?

A nurtured soul is one who possesses awakened consciousness and displays attributes of character that are healing, empowering and life-giving. Such individuals are found all around you.

Usually such individuals bear a quality of specialness about them, an aura about them that attracts you to them. They seem to move about their lives with unbridled carefreeness.

You would think its called charisma but it really is more magnetic than that.

How do they possess such expanded awareness and attributes of character that make them unafraid of life?

Through consciously living in intention of freedom.

You live your life in freedom by embracing every aspect of your self, others and the world around you unconditionally.

Freedom is the power to embrace life with fear and without fear.

You develop personal character by not using your power or freedom to control or avoid anything in your life.

By not avoiding anything, by embracing or welcoming everything into your life, you experience the fullness of life and accept responsibility for it all.

Your power is free from constantly reacting to the events, the people, and the conditions of your life.

Your life as it is – power and freedom - becomes the foundation of the life you want to create.

Intention is lived by being completely honest about who you are, what you want, and what is working in your life.

Intention is how you express your creative will, your power, and your creative freedom, in the world.

But creative will is not a way to create an alternative to the life you already have.

Creative will, power, and freedom, are best used to enhance the life you have and so bring you closer to the life you want.

Herein lies a most powerful way to manifest your dreams in the context of freedom lived in intention by the use of creative will.

We have a word to describe the nurtured soul of a person who uses intention, freedom, and power to creatively enhance their life and the lives of others: LOVE.

The result of love is health in every sense.

To live in love is to live in a way that is not yet supported or encouraged by anyone you know, or by any culture or religion.

Real love has so much power it is a threat to all institutions, creeds, practices, philosophies, economies, governments, and relationships.

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