The Oasis Spa Bangkok

Oasis Spa Bangkok

Her name is Bella from The Oasis Spa Bangkok.

'IMPECCABLE' is what I would describe her service and the therapist that attended to me.

This attribute seems to run deep in all their branches in Thailand - a hallmark service of The Oasis Spa.

If you really want to know the secret to their service excellence, you will find it in just a few minutes of your precious time they asked of you - just after your massage, and well before you leave their premise.

I first ran a review of their Ayurvedic massage in 2008 in Chiangmai.

3 years on to 2011 in Bangkok, my attention was drawn to the "King of Oasis " massage - their signature treatment.

My review is entirely experiential. That being said, a description is NOT the experience, though. And so I should say, you ought to experience Oasis Spa yourself!

What I hope to do justice here is to give you a virtual sensory tour of the King of Oasis Massage.

Oasis Signature Massage

Arriving from the sweltering heat, I was warmly greeted and welcomed to a pleasant tea and cold towel.

I certainly wasted no time in plonking the frozen towel on my face as I waited to be ushered into my massage room.

Oasis Spa has 4 signature treatment massages in the menu.

I was particularly drawn to the Oasis Four Hand Massage - a 60 minutes session.

However, after Bella took me through a brief consultation, I felt a 2 hour "King of Oasis" was more beneficial to my stressed body.

At all times during the consultation at our sofa, I observed how Bella interacted with me on bended knees or somewhat akin to that pose - a mark of humility.

She was ever mindful to appear looking up.

This is an attitude in humility towards service that a lot of spas, especially in my country, could take a leaf from.

King of Oasis

Bella escorted me to my room which has an adjoining shower and steam-bath.

I took a shower, then entered the steam bath, sweating out for 5 minutes, came out to shower, remain outside for 5 minutes, and re-entered steam bath again. I was instructed to do this 3 times.

Within 20 minutes, I was ready for the 'royal' massage.

'Win' - I presumed is the nickname of my therapist - warmed up my body with a Thai Traditional massage. This took some 10 minutes.

Hot compress

She then treated me to a hot compress for another 10 minutes.

This was applied at various points on my body. What I found really invigorating were those points applied on my buttocks, my back and tummy.

With the "Queen of Oasis" - the woman's version of the 'King of Oasis' massage treatment - hot compress is not given.

Bella shared that not all women take too well to hot sensation applied on their soft, sensitive skin.

Combination Massage

The last hour of the King of Oasis lend itself to a combination of deep tissue, aromatherapy massage. Hot aroma oil was applied on my body with the right pressure.

With the Queen of Oasis, the concentration is on Swedish massage.

So if you are female, and want a deeper, stronger massage, with hot compress, you can go for the King of Oasis massage instead.

Just let the staff know your preference.

Overall, I felt the King of Oasis is very suited for tired, stressed body. At some point during the massage, I couldn't help drifting off into a deep slumber.

The entirety of the massage is 2 hours priced at 3900 baht.

Like me, if you ever felt like it were "1 hour", you are just as likely to have fallen into a slumber to realize how therapeutically relaxing the treatment actually is.

I did mentioned about the secret to Oasis Spa service excellence. It is found in their meticulous efforts to improve upon feedback received for every facet of their service delivery.

So give your feedback candidly.

I did. And I requested for hair gel, cream or paste to manage my hair. This was the only negative I could find in Oasis Spa.

To round off what was a wonderful afternoon spent at the spa, Oasis Spa has a free transport to take you to your nearest destination or BTS station.

I opted to go to Siam Paragon.

That again is truly the hallmark of service. 

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