The Relationship Between
Ovarian Health & Ageing

ovary and ageing

There are two places in a woman's body that have a say over how you age.

Did you know that?

Those are also the same two places that western and oriental medicine are divided over their significance to your ageing process.

Western doctors would rather you remove them where they are deemed to pose a health risk.

TCM practitioners would rather you restore them where there is still hope of healthy functioning.

The two organs are the breast and ovary. Of the two, it pays to nurture your ovary. The latter, in turn, can positively affect the breast.

If you want to prolong your femininity and attractiveness, begin to care for your ovary. Don't ever wait until your 40's.

Ovarian Health

A woman’s sexual and reproductive system changes with age. The ovaries reduce in size with age.

This change, in turn, affects a woman’s femininity and attractiveness. This is a natural aging process. Lifestyle habits can accelerate this process.

Your ovaries do not just affect your reproductive system. The state of health of your ovaries affects the health of your most physical features - hair and skin.

By giving your ovaries regular maintenance care and support, you can slow down the aging process; thereby supporting your endocrine system to continue to produce hormones essential for a radiant, feminine and sexual attractiveness.

Apart from proper nutrition and supplementation, herbal oil massage for ovarian health can greatly help to improve the functions of your endocrine system.

Among the best therapies are those found in oriental massage.

While western massage modalities such as swedish and aromatherapy massage have positive benefits in that they are deeply relaxing, they aren't deep enough to access our core human energetic fields.

To be effective, massage therapy must work in restoring proper flow of chi and fluid essence throughout the body's energetic network.

Massage therapies that can do this belong to the realm of spa energetics.

And therapies of the spa energetics types are rare indeed even though they found in the orient.

Spa energetics focus on the 5 Elemental Energies. 

By focusing on the latter, you can prolong your femininity and attractiveness through encouraging healthy functioning of your endocrine system and ovary.

Benefits of Ovarian Massage

  • Slow down aging process caused by function-declining ovaries
  • Improve physiological function of women, maintaining hormonal balance
  • Ensures regular menstrual cycle, tonifies and repair of uterus
  • Prevent cyst and oviduct blockage
  • Suppress formation of dark spots and pigmentation
  • Prevent breast related disorder
  • Reduce stress, stabilize emotions and improve sleep

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