by Joel Rifkin
(Miami, Fl)

Why can't brainwave entrainment be used with a pacemaker?
It is an auditory experience.What might happen?

Hello Joel,

Our nervous system sends signals to our body, which is to say, any vibratory stimuli our nervous system picks up, is transmitted to our body system.

It is with caution that you seek the advice of your medical doctor that you wish to listen to specific brainwave frequencies generated by the your brainwave entrainment audio CD.

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Jun 03, 2011
by: Joel Rifkin

I am feeling as though the question remains unanswered. Am I missing something?

Hello Joel,

There is no authority that says brainwave entrainment cannot be used on people wearing pacemaker.

There has been no clinical study that corroborates results of contraindications from the use of brainwave entrainment in those that wear pacemaker.

Caution prevails. Like any external devices that stimulate our body system, your doctor should advise you prior to your use of it.

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