Brainwave Entrainment
Achieve Peak Performance 

How does brainwave entrainment enable peak performance states?

Many people tend to associate the use of brainwave entrainment for relaxation and overcoming stress. I guess that's because you immediately feel the powerful effects of deep relaxation and stress reduction.

Though I knew brainwave entrainment does much more than dissolving stress, I too use it for the primary purpose of improved sleep and stress management initially.

It is important to understand the real goal of brainwave entrainment is to enable a state of whole brain functioning leading to peak performance states.

That ought to be your most desired goal. To be in a state of peak performance is to achieve a level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual congruency.

In simple layman conversation, you feel like you are in the flow of life and on top of your game.

Peak Performance States

According to scientific research, peak performers are known to generate these states in their brain:

  1. Dramatic changes in their brainwaves
  2. Hemispheric symmetry – that is both left and right brains are communicating in harmony.
  3. Large amounts and varying rates of neurochemicals are produced in the brain

Now, while scientists were able to map these characteristics of peak performers such as artist, genius, CEOs, musicians, athletes, and even advanced meditators with the use of EEG monitor and other sophisticated equipment, they were still some way from knowing how to teach any ordinary person how to reproduce these same characteristics.

However, they did discover additional information. Certain mental states correspond to certain brainwaves.

For example, they discover that to change negative habits and behaviour, the brainwave state called theta is where peak performers access in their brain to create such change so effectively.

In other words, most of us try to consciously use force of will to change our life outside of the theta brain state. We are accustomed to force change at the beta level. When we do that, we struggle.

This is why many personal change programs fail. Unless these programs work through and within that part of your brain state called theta , the results you get are superficial and cosmetic.

It was only after the publication of ‘Auditory Beat in the Brain’ by Dr. Gerald Oster in the American Scientific Journal that paved the way to the advent of neuroscience and neurotechnology.

This led to experiments and tests in hospitals for treating ADD and memory problems as well as a host of other therapeutic uses.

Thereafter psychiatrist and psychologist use brainwave entrainment technology in enhancing super-learning.

Now, doctors in the field of anti-aging medicine have discovered that brainwave entrainment can affect secretion of our biochemical hormones.

In brainwave entrainment technology, rhythmic sound or/and light frequency are the two most commonly used applications for entraining the brain. 

Meditation Without Effort

As an outcome of our childhood conditioning, belief system, predisposed assumptions and past emotional experience, we have become either left-brain or right-brain dominant.

Information that you perceive is subconsciously filtered to suit your left-or right-brain dominant viewpoint.

This being the case, your life and world, the meaning you ascribed to what you call your 'world', is being reinforced to suit your already conditioned beliefs and assumptions.

But the moment you embarked on a meditation practice for years (such as traditional methods) or when you use brainwave entrainment meditation such as Brain Evolution System, your left and right brain begins to remember the original state that you once were.

You begin to remember how to perform naturally as a whole brain functioning being, like when you were a child before your parents’ belief system, your education and the dysfunctional adult world conditioned and damaged you.

You are literally learning how to be whole physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (not religiously).

This can only come about when your left and right brain integrate as one.

Your awareness expands. Your perceptions become clear.

Thus, your judgments are fair, appropriate and accurate because you are able to take into consideration all the variables that surround your problem, circumstance, condition, relationship that you would otherwise have been blind to.

Whole brain functioning naturally and effortlessly leads to sharper thinking, super-learning, improved memory, emotional balance, higher intelligence, insights and creativity.

Thus, what is known as peak performance states, that are often attributed to gifted people, are now assessible to everyone who takes the time to recall those brainwave states that he possesses but seem unable to access.

Brainwave entrainment such as the Brain Evolution System provides advanced technology to bring about these peak states in everyone.

Like an exercise, it takes the form of sound stimulus to get your brain and nervous system re-wired for optimal functioning. 

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