The Truth About Personal Power
One Man's Journey from Personal To Awakened Power

What I am going to share with you about personal power runs counter to what many well known self-help gurus tell you.

That does NOT mean you should believe in me. Like everything else in life, you ought to test the truth of it.

Truth, when it is known for what it is, is rarely sold as a commodity!

What, instead, are really sold, are the applications of truth.

So applications in the form of tools, strategies and techniques of personal power are what you learn from self-help gurus.

And when these applications rest on a weak foundation, then your experience can only be limited at best, or hardly empowering at worst.

What you will learn here will surprise you.

You will NOT realise personal power just by the reading of it. But you will know what you ought to do to acquire IT.

Awaken The Giant Within

I am glad I started my career in selling twenty years ago.

Ever wonder who are the people who pack most self help, self improvement, personal growth workshops and seminars?

Those in the selling profession!

Every sales person knows that success in selling involves mastering personal power, communication and human motivation.

My early days at self improvement came from two books and a series of audio tapes; ‘Unlimited Power’ and ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins or Tony Robbins as he is fondly called.

Along the way, I read other books and attended workshops. These focused on the use of goal setting, positive thinking and neural linguistic programming.

These programs teach action-oriented strategies and techniques to enable one to excel and achieve at the highest level whatever your goals are.

They do work for many; they did work for me.

But.....not for very long.

Over time, you find such outward methods of arriving at personal power and achievement ineffective.

Such methods appear at odds with your values.

They seem artificial and manipulative.

Slowly you begin to recognise and outgrow all such outward focus to personal power.

You move on.......

Your search for personal power now brings you to the discovery of another new power base.

Inward power.....

Our Sense of Powerlessness

When you have tried positive thinking and visualisation, when you have used NLP, when you beat your chest and mouth affirmations to motivate yourself, and you still fail to achieve your goals, it’s natural to descend into a sense of powerlessness.

Deriving no personal power from these, you now turn your search from an outward to an inward focus.

Welcome to the realm of mystic power and the world of spiritual gurus, alchemy, energy healing and alpha meditation.

Soon you find a new home for deriving personal power as you get a foretaste of what mind power, mantras, creative meditation, and the law of vibrations can do for you.

You begin to experience a magical sense of personal power. But you also become dependent and beholden to a power in the form of a spiritual master or guru.

You become bound by the creeds that institutions and organizations you affiliate with demand of you. You feel there is more personal power to develop if you continue to commit to their philosophy, principles and secret teachings.

While it is relatively easy to outgrow and detach from methods of outward focus of mastering personal power, the same cannot be said about removing yourself completely from the chains of inward focus to attaining personal power.

Initially, it might appear you are getting somewhere on what is known as ‘The Path’. As years pass, doubt begins to enter and you seem to question the authenticity of it all.

You plod on........while your personal goals still remain a distant dream.

The belief that the guru and the teachings hold out the highest knowledge of personal power and the mystery of the inward journey prove difficult to step out.

But there is another bigger difficulty why you won't walk out.

It's called FEAR.

Since the outward method of deriving self mastery has failed you, you now fear leaving the inward journey as doing so will leave you with no crutch, no anchor to hold onto a hope of personal power.

My friend.....STEP OUT YOU MUST!

POWER is not what you think it is.

It is NOT personal.

POWER is NOT here or there.

It is NOT in the MIND or in some GURU.

It is NOT in some outward or inward journey.

And there is no GIANT to awaken within you.


Do you not realise the moment you drop your search for a modicum of power, power suddenly becomes available to you?

Do you not realise when you live your life in spontaneity and authenticity, naturally and effortlessly, relaxed in body and mind, you are immersed in a universe of unlimited power.

This power flows throughout your being and becomes personalized as your personal energy wellness.

When you become conscious of this energy, it becomes personal power to you.

In a literal sense, you do not own this power. You merely access and use energy.

When you are centered and balanced in body and mind, you operate in a state of personal wellness that is sometimes known as the ‘FLOW’.

Life becomes effortless!

In such a state, what you intent in your life will manifest.

This happens because your mind and your heart function as one.

There is no conflict between the mind and heart.

You discover that you affect things faster.

The problem is most of us fail to ‘move and have our being' in such a state.

And at odd moments when we do, we fail to recognise it. Thus, we can't even explain why sometimes our intent works and most times our intent appears to be merely embryonic.

Unconscious Unresolved Conflicts

What prevents us from expressing or manifesting our true desires?

Our internal conflicts.

You express true power when you are freed of your internal baggage of unresolved conflicts.

Learn to recognise and resolve your internal conflicts.

You struggle with living your dream because internal conflicts that lie below your threshold of awareness opposes what you consciously seek to achieve.

All of us have unresolved conflicts. If we observe our lives carefully, we will find each of us have a core issue - with money, relationship, self image etc - that confronts our life throughout.

We are always in confrontation with our ‘ghost’.

Perhaps, you recalled having resolved a pertinent issue in your past. This had been puzzling and had troubled you for so long. What happened, thereafter, when you became aware of what was your underlying issue?

If you had resisted, avoided, and dodged the issue, then you find yourself struggling with the issue again and again in various events in your life.

But what happened when you stopped to resist and allowed yourself to work through the issue in all its intensity. You released yourself wholly from it.

Finally, you discovered life became easier and your goal met with hardly any trace of the same obstacle that "greeted" you before.

As you gradually work to resolve conflicts in your life that rise to your awareness, you naturally attain peace of mind, confidence, happiness, contentment and fulfillment.

And for once you identify and recognise power as impersonal.

Power as ordinary as the air you breathe!

Your challenge to you is.......

How do you overcome your own unresolved conflicts?

How could you recognise the FACE of a problem that lies below the threshold of your conscious mind?

All unresolved conflicts involved some very difficult and deep healing. And so there are many modalities and approaches that involve both outward and an inward approach.

The outward focus of most self improvement programs is akin to treating one's Achilles at the symptomatic level. That’s why success is only apparent.

On the other hand, the inward journey can become a journey of escapism and an experience of a false sense of power.

The most practical approach is not to treat either as exclusive but to integrate the two to arrive at the centre of attained wisdom and power.

Now, I know this must seem like an irony of sorts and anti-climax in the light of what I have shared.

But it isn't so.

You can come to resolution of your personal conflict and arrive at the centre of power by the use of your subtle perception.

How do you know you are spontaneous, relaxed and centered?

If you are very aware, you will perceive your disposition - physiology and mental state that brought about your spontaneity - is acquired from practice after practice of fine-tuning both outward and inward movement.

So it is with resolving all unconscious conflicts.

The end result is your AWAKENED personal power! 

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