How Do You Decide Which Personal Wellness Program Is Suitable For You?

How do you decide which personal wellness program is right for you? Perhaps, my personal experience with them might help.

My experience with wellness programs started 20 years ago. Back then, the terms wellness, holistic wellness or holistic lifestyle were not buzz words then as they are now.

These started to gain widespread acceptance when western medicine began to embrace the idea of mind-body-spirit inter-connection as a whole.

What this means is that your physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects are inter-related, and any disharmony in any one of the aspects can affect the whole.

This gave birth to integrative medicine. Western medicine combine with complementary medicine and therapy, notably acupuncture, acupressure for healing.

Today, we find a variety of personal and corporate holistic wellness programs tailored for specific purposes.

A Personal wellness program is usually geared towards physical and mental health such as detoxification and cleansing, losing weight and alleviating aches and pains to feeling youthful.

On the other hand, corporate wellness programs are focused more on reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

Typical of such programs introduced in wellness workplace are nutrition wellness, stress management and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.

A personal wellness program such as meditation or yoga alone can improve one's well-being and slow down the aging process.

Of course, if anti-aging is your focus, you would do well combining such a program with Brain Evolution System.

My personal experience with some of these holistic wellness programs is that there are very real benefits that extend beyond just the pursuit of beauty, health and productivity.

Holistic personal wellness program transforms the individual. The transformation does result in both technical and structural change in the individual.

For example, a technical change can be a healing and recovery of a chronic ailment like migraine or blur vision.

And a structural change can be a change of attitude towards others. Where one used to be quick in temper, there is now a calm response to challenges.

Such transformation, in turn, contributes to intelligent use of resources, enterprise, creativity and accountability combined with compassion across all levels - corporate, societal and global.

So how does such a holistic personal wellness program create such change in the individual?

Actually, the program by itself does not transform. Your experience of the program over time transforms your view of how you see yourself and others.

You undergo an energetic change in your nervous system that makes you more aware, more attune, more in touch with yourself, those around you and your environment.

You sense you are not separate from others, from the world.

You relate more wholly to life within and without. You sense the effect of your thoughts and actions on your body. Hence you sense its effect on those around you. You become responsible for how you affect the environment. Life becomes more alive to you.

Over time, depending on each person’s development, you come to appreciate a way of living in CENTERNESS.

You review your values on life.

Your relationship with everything - people and environment - takes on the quality and movement of delicate balance without manipulating and controlling them. You are less fearful in meeting life.

Edwin Carl Smith, author of “Do You See What I See?” and “Relentless Love” sums it up well with the following words,

“There is a proper place and activity for each individual
at any moment. Your life will naturally manifest appropriateness.”

- Edwin Carl Smith

He means at each moment of your activity, you have developed the sensitivity and keenness to judge what is appropriate response or decision to take.

What is appropriate is not right or wrong. It is a judgment call, a decision made that is appropriate for this moment. There is no other than this moment of appropriateness.

The response to each moment is natural and spontaneous, a relaxing into your body’s inclination to adjust to the moment’s challenge effortlessly.

When you are centered; when you respond to life appropriately, you experience yourself in a state of well-being. You are in harmony with yourself physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually.

I started with meditation for many years. Later, I added yoga and chi kung. I experimented with the many different systems and approach for each of these wellness programs.

After some years, the practice hit home a significant realisation.

Cultivate centeredness.

Practice centeredness.

Make centeredness the fulcrum of your life.

Life is intelligent energy. You are an intelligent part of this energy. To live happily and successfully, you must learn how to manage your energy by learning how to be sensitive to it. In doing so, you cultivate the ability to respond in appropriateness to the energetic forces of life within and without you.

You become attuned and aligned with the universe.

There comes a time when you outgrow wellness programs. Your life and activities become aligned to a wellness way of life in which you relate in CENTRENESS.....APPROPRIATENESS.....BALANCE.

Life suddenly has begun anew for you. Your theater of life becomes experienced as an evolving art form and a continual re-invention of ordinary life.

So we end with the beginning of the question: How do you decide your own wellness program?

Start with what suits your personality and your temperament. When it’s time to experience others, move on to other modalities. When the experience of appropriateness enters into your consciousness, you know its time to outgrow them all.

Life becomes the wellness way........

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