Personal Wellness

Personal wellness is the way you restore, regulate and rejuvenate yourself.

Personal wellness enables you to renew, revive and reinvent your life.

We all need energy to live. It makes us healthy. It makes us happy. It is how we use our energy that determines what we experience, and whether we succeed.

When you are full of energy, you perceive life as filled with possibilities.

When you are tired and depleted of energy, you tend to see life challenges as overwhelming.

The conditions outside you have NOT changed.

Your personal wellness has!

Here is the thing.....

It is your energy that determines your health and wellness.

It is your energy that transmutes into personal power.

It is your energy wellness that forms the foundation of your deepest and truest dreams and hence happiness. . .

Everything in life is an expression of energy. The vitality of life, from a single cell to an entire galaxy, is a display of energy.

The oxygen we breathe, the food we eat, the work we accomplish each day; all of these things are the result of our use of energy.

We are surrounded by energy. Every human being is saturated with enormous amounts of inner energy.

When you know how to draw and channel the energy of life into personal wellness, you can truly transform your life.

You can create a life you truly want.

You also have the power to create a life you don’t want too. Ironically, most people are already doing that!

Living is all about how you use your health and wellness to achieve your goals and dream in life.

A good life depends on knowing how to access this energy.....

So personal energy that transforms into personal power, is something we both love and fear.

We want it for ourselves but not for others.

We do not trust other people with the very same power we seek for ourselves. And this feeling is mutual.

So let us be clear about what and where true power is.

'True Power' does NOT reside in the use of authority or control.

You do not need authority over other people or control of their lives and energies to get what you want, not when you know how to access the intelligent energy of life!

It is only when you DON'T have personal power, in the form of intelligent energy, that authority and control seem necessary to achieve your goals....

The way to true power is to draw in abundance the energy of life to create your personal wellness. You fill yourself with life energy by being natural and spontaneous, by NOT controlling and resisting conditions about you.

With this as your personal power, you are empowered to manifest your dream through INTENT expressed in FREEDOM in a state of WELLNESS to create a life truly worth living.

But it must come from learning first how to become your Original Self, a person of power and wisdom, a person who lives beyond the limits of self-concern and even self-interest, one capable of creating a life and world beyond those limitations.

When you know how to do this, all good things are possible...

It is possible to learn an entirely new way of being alive in the world that serves an entirely new purpose for being alive: to be fully alive, to live in the world filled with life, to create health of body, mind, and spirit, for self, others, and the world as a whole. 

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