Power of Wellness
A Method of Rejuvenation

Experience your power of wellness.

You are about to enter an experience that could breathe rejuvenation into your life.

Make the space and time for reading this. Read at a slower pace than you normally would.

You can only experience this once.

Actually, you can experience this more than once....but as we all know, our most memorable is always the first!

If you can’t accord the space and time, skip reading this. You will only deny your own benefit of experience when reading while your body is tired or your mind is busy with other matters.

Are you ready for this……?

Not quite….There’s one more preparation you need do.

Find a fresh white frangipani flower.


Yes……….We need a fresh white frangipani flower. Just like this picture.

Got it? No? Skip reading this until you have gotten hold of a fresh white frangipani flower. 

Ready To Begin?

Feeling fresh and ready. Got your white frangipani flower?

Right. Let’s get started……

Read what follows with perception; not for knowledge.

What you are to read came about from my own personal encounter. It has become a powerful metaphor of personal wellness for me since. It's power of wellness is indeed transforming in subtle ways.

Please do bear this in mind. Your own experience from reading this depends on your receptivity and your full participation. No two individuals are alike when it comes to readiness.

Do share your experience with me. 

The Present Moment

Have you really seen a White Frangipani flower?

I am sure you have by now....but

Have you really "SEEN" a White Frangipani flower?

If you have really “SEEN” a white frangipani, you will see it “As It Is“.

Without your own thoughts to colour or blur it.

Hold the frangipani between your thumb and forefinger.

Be gentle with it.

Allow its beauty-in-simplicity to affect you.

If you are in awe of its beauty.....allow this moment to run its natural course.

Allow whatever that comes to you....resonates within you.

Let the moment “Be”.

Now hold it close to your nose.

Be gentle.

Close your eyes.

Take your time. Inhale. Take in its fragrance.

Don't rush. Close your eyes again. Take it slowly. Breathe in once more naturally.

Allow its fragrance to pervade throughout your whole being.

Open your eyes. How do you feel?

Let what you feel “Be”.

Allow its natural life force to work its way into dissolving all imbalance in your body.

If you wonder what this life force is, know that you share the same life force as the Frangipani.

Accept its gift of rejuvenation.

Now look at the body of the frangipani.

Pure white petals.

See how untainted the petals are?

Enjoy the experience of its purity. The purity than exudes the fragrance of life that you have just imbibed.

Feel the petals.



Softly.....run your finger along the face of the petals.

Allow its tender velvety face of the flower to whisper tenderness into your life.

Now.....pay a little closer attention to the core of the flower.

Notice the yellow at its core?

The yellow penetrates and dissolves into the petals.

Take a moment to see.

Don’t analyze. Just watch.....

See it transform into the purity of whiteness.....

See it transform into aroma that gives vitality to you.

See it transform into the gift of tenderness to those who tire.....

Can you see the “Sun of Life” that nourishes the Frangipani into the beauty that it is.

What a gift to mankind! The power of wellness from “Sun of Life”....... 

Rejuvenation In A Metaphor

The White Frangipani that you hold in your hand embodies the wholeness and beauty of life.

As a symbol of wholeness and beauty, you can use this experience as a metaphor for the power of wellness to inform your life.

The life force that transforms the frangipani is the same life force that pervades you.

Are you a spent force?

Discover how you can restore your own wellness here.

The Frangipani Flower shares a great lesson on the power of wellness. It's simplicity of beauty reveals an unspoken secret through the eyes of the beholder - ‘As A Man Thinketh in his HEART’.

You can THINK with your HEART.

Listen to your heart.

Communicate from your heart.

Your place of wellness begins from your heart.

The very moment spent with the frangipani liberates you.

You breathe deeper.....you feel lighter....your eyes sparkle

And your whole being is renewed.

Just for that moment spent with it.....until your day takes over again.

We are all guilty of thinking with the brain but thinking from your heart brings a very different paradigm.

As you read, I trust your very reading of it will open up what is blocked from experiencing a fuller life.

True wellness results in a subtle, but pervasive experience of our own life force. Subtle, because in wellness, there is the presence of joy and life, and an ability to focus happily in the moment.

Human life cannot truly blossom without this power of wellness, embodied in the exquisite Frangipani flower, chosen often to adorn the sacred places of the world and to infuse them with its sweet perfume.

Wellness, unlike illness, has no specific benchmarks of pain, but provides an enjoyable impetus to partake in all of life.

Senses become alive, vibrant and the whole world becomes meaningful around us.

Those who are sensitive will feel closer to the Divine Presence.

This magnificent flower, with its five white petals, has a delicate yellow at its core. The elegant simplicity and cosmic pattern of this flower has made it an ornament for sacred places as it represents our divine nature, our true power of wellness.

The white Frangipani embodies the simple order and beauty of a life, consecrated by the Presence , through the fusion of life-giving energies with the purity of our air, water and food.

It is perfect life, a perfect manifestation of the power of wellness, reduced to the essentials.

Do you recognise the power of the life force expressing its DREAM of life in the petals - beauty, love, sharing, joy and abundance.

The first petal, represents the DREAM of BEAUTY.

What is your dream of beauty?

Follow your dream. Your dream is your life purpose joined by the intervals of apparently divided goals in your life journey.

Live your life by following your heart. Let your heart inform your brain. It is your heart that inspires your dream of beauty.

The second petal represents the LOVE of your DREAM.

You must love and nurture your DREAM of BEAUTY. Forget about what others dream for you. Forget about the noise outside. You can only love what is truly real for you. Your dream is your passion that knows no time and space.

Love your dream and you will find the universe work its way to support you.

The third petal represents SHARING.

How difficult it is to share your DREAM of BEAUTY. Like the frangipani that shares its tenderness, this is what you must do.

Share it like the artist share his work of art. When you share your dream of beauty, you spread the love of your dream by allowing those who would come to support and partake of your dream.

This becomes a group dream. Like a couple in marriage who partake into a journey of lifetime together. Share the dream! Sharing gives forth the fragrance of sweetness all round.

When you share it, then your relationships will germinate in the forth petal of JOY, instead of the envy of greed and separation.

Finally, as you begin with the dream of beauty first, it naturally leads to the outcome of abundance for you and others, the fifth petal. Herein, is the power of wellness made manifest.

Individuals such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet just to name a few dreamed of a DREAM of BEAUTY.

The ABUNDANCE that arose came as a natural progression of the dream.

Most of us dream of Abundance. You can create a DREAM of BEAUTY but you can't create the dream of abundance. And that's why despite the many books that talk about the secret to success and wealth, they don't work for many.

To run in pursuit of abundance is un-natural, un-wellness and results in conflict of mind-body synergy. It leads to non-fulfillment.

Paradoxically, when you seek fulfillment by first dreaming a dream of beauty and learn to relax into your dream, abundance will come finding you when the object of your dream of beauty manifest.

Know that your dream of beauty rest in your heart.

Listen to it.

Live it!

The essence, the life force that give forth the quality of the petals is the yellow core centered in the flower.

That core symbolizes the true doorway to the power of wellness - the subtle, but cosmic, essence of love, represented by the Source.

This life force is an invisible, all-enveloping quality of true wellness, easing quietly into every corner of one’s mind, body and spirit when it is not interfered with.

Like the frangipani, this yellow core is at the heart of our wellness.

With it, our lives will blossom.

We will be nurtured from the fragrant essence of the universe, symbolized by these delicate blossoms, whose splendid whiteness merges with the life-giving yellowness of the universal essence.

We must learn to draw on the core of things directly if we are truly to imbibe the elixir of existence.

Flowers serve to help us remember how beautiful and joyous our lives can be!

Is that not why flowers, like the white Frangipani grow in our midst, as constant reminders that love and beauty are always there around us?

We must breathe their fragrance deep into our souls to experience the full power of wellness.

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