Qualifying Age On Use Of Brainwave Entrainment

by Ann Cook

Why can you not use this before the age of 19. My daughter is 17. Would this be harmful for her?


Hello Ann,

There is no established guide that correlates use of brainwave entrainment to age.

Having said that, we know the brain and nervous system of the young are in their formative stage. Hence, we should always allow them to evolve naturally.

Brainwave entrainment products are recorded for their very specific range of frequencies. They are useful at the adult age whose brain and nervous system have been so conditioned through the years. You could say that these products are "clinically" produced to rewire our resistant nervous system.

On the other hand, children aren't as dysfunctional for their age. Listening to music such as Mozart offers entrainment effects that are suited for their natural development.

A typical situation where you may want to use your discretion with the use of brainwave entrainment products for your daughter is where you notice she has difficulty focusing or is highly stressed.

You may want to introduce her to listening to brainwave entrainment for very short duration like 10 to 15 minutes of listening once a week. You want to do this after having tried with Mozart music first.

Finally, as I have written about on my site, use program-based brainwave entrainment. Don't exposed her to all alpha or theta frequency.

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