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AHI-Oriental For Eliminating Fats

In one single therapy lies the triune benefits of radiant skin, de-aging and slimming. That's the hallmark of Quantum Wellness TCM.

According to Jasmine of Asian Health International, the catalytic and synergistic process induced by massage, accupoint activation, AHI-Oriental and heat promotes weight loss (or weight gain if you are under-weight), vitality and glowing skin.

AHI-Oriental (picture above) is a proprietary formulation of Asian Health International comprising a rich blend of chinese natural herbs for external application on the abdominal.

AHI-Oriental is non-chemical, 100% herbal and registered with Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

Comprising 5 different blended elements in a box set, they act synergistically during the acupoint massage to clear and burn fats:

  1. TianRan QingZhiSu - natural fat clearing element

  2. GaoXiao RanZhi JingYou - fat burning refined oil

  3. XiaoZhi JingFu JingYou - fat tense skin refined oil

  4. XiaoZhiGao - fat elimination paste

  5. FuBu TiaoLiDan - abdominal Conditioning Pouch

AHI-Oriental l is applied and massaged on the abdominal. It has the function of cleansing, releasing tense muscles, fat clearing and burning. 

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