Quantum Wellness TCM

The application of oriental wellness philosophy to health and healing owes much to two LIFE PRINCIPLES that govern it - Yin & Yang and 5 Elements ( wŭ xíng)

These LIFE PRINCIPLES have also influence many areas of application in the commercial world.

One such application is their use in spa massage to alleviate 21st century health syndromes:

  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Overweight
  • Hormonal imbalance

Asian Health International (AHI), based in Singapore, can lay claim to being the first to developed TCM-based spa massage therapies for the spa environment. 

Known as Quantum Wellness TCM (QWTCM), these therapies balance Yin & Yang of the body through a very involved and comprehensive massage protocol.

These therapies seek to promote and restrain interactive healthy functioning among the 5 major organs - spleen, heart, lungs, kidney and liver.

Four aspects in the therapy culminate to their therapeutic prowess:

  • Acupoint Massage
  • Cupping Massage
  • Heat Treatment
  • Oriental Herbal Oil

QWTCM is a fully hands-on 90 minutes massage with a particular focus on the abdominal.

The massage protocol involves activating specific energy lines along your body with cupping, acupoint and massaging the abdominal using a blend of chinese herbs and heat therapy.

The massage induces biological response within your internal system that leads to restoration and healing of body and mind.

Up to now, many of what make up spa treatment therapies have their source in the Occidental world. QWTCM is derived from Oriental wellness philosophy and is adapted for the spa massage environment .  

As a higher level specialty massage, it attends deeply to our energy anatomy that many conventional massage therapies lack.

Hence, QWTCM can rightly be said to usher a new evolution in spa wellness known as spa energetics.

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