You Have Not One But Three Brains That Control Your Reality!

Our brains control our experience of life, our developmental stage, and our paradigm of reality.

That makes sense .....

But what you probably don’t know is that every human being has three brains located in three different parts of the body!

The cranial brain consists of three sub-structures called the neo-cortex, the mid-brain, and the brain stem.

Each sub-structure responds to different information about the world.

Each sub-structure sees a different part of our world and provides a different experience of our world.

reality, brains, life experience, neuronsThe two hemispheres of the neo-cortex see the world through logic (left hemisphere) and creative imagery (right hemisphere).

The mid-brain sees the world through emotions.

The brainstem sees the world through physical, instinctual, sensations and perceptions.

Over the course of our history and pre-history, we have organized our world, our reality using each of these sub-structures in turn: the brainstem, the mid-brain, and finally the neo-cortex.

But the cranial brain is not entirely responsible for creating the realities we experience. There are two other neural structures (brains) in the body.

The next one I will discuss that influences our reality is located in the stomach (technically, the gastrointestinal tract, or gut).

It is called the enteric nervous system (ENS).

It is considered a second brain by some researchers due to its complexity (about one billion neurons, 1/100th as many neurons as the cranial brain) and because it can function independent of the central nervous system or cranial brain.

But before we can talk about the enteric brain and the heart brain, we need to consider something else.

The Secret Power of Neurons

The cells in all of our brains are called neurons, which are not physically connected to each other. They are separated by a very small gap called a synapse.

Neurons transfer information to each other across this synaptic gap. What is interesting is the size of the gap: about 1/1000th of an inch. At this scale, the rules of Newtonian and Einsteinian physics break down and a new set of rules from Quantum Physics apply.

The point is that at this quantum scale, differences break down. Nothing is really separate from anything else. All things are part of a single field of energy called the quantum field.

Whatever happens to one thing in the quantum field happens to every thing in the quantum field.

This means whatever information is passed from one neuron to another directly affects the world/reality around you, independent of any physical interaction.

Human brains not only communicate information within the body, they communicate information directly from the body to the outside world. More, neurons are affected by the quantum field, containing all the information that ever existed.

The secret power of neurons is their ability to make us aware of information that does not come from the five ordinary senses.

And, since we can manage our thoughts and emotions, we can, and do, directly and consciously affect the world around us independent of physical interaction.

We already live in a magical, enchanted world. We just live in it without awareness, as adolescents.

The Second Brain

The enteric brain is the first and primal sensory organ of the human body since it can sense information before it reaches the physical body. You may have a gut feeling about a person, event, or possibility, for example. You may trust your instincts, which means trusting your gut.

It is the enteric brain you are trusting and when you trust it, you trust the body’s oldest mechanism of first contact with the outside world.

The enteric brain processes or digests information about your world communicated to it through the quantum field. It can respond to that information by sending impulses to the physical body independent of and prior to any response from the cranial brain.

It simultaneously forwards information to the cranial brain, which in turn also processes it and responds, sending additional information to the physical body.

The enteric brain is the body’s first responder.

The cranial brain is a second responder.

It is clear a potential for conflict exists here, with two brains responding to information perhaps in different ways. Conflict is not only possible. It is typical of all human beings in our adolescent paradigm of reality.

The two brains are not functionally integrated, though there is a way to do that. Instead, we rely on the cranial brain as our first and only responder, effectively repressing the functions of the enteric brain.

The enteric brain is the foundation of our ability to cope with reality. If you repress its information and functions, you find yourself feeling insecure, separated from the world around you because your most primal connection to the world is repressed. This has a profound and negative affect on every aspect of your life.

The adolescent Knower has a difficult time growing up when its childhood Perceiver functions are repressed. Thus, you become afraid of life. You struggle with life as your way of coping with it. You cannot really accept life on its own terms because that would require a functioning enteric brain.

You cannot be filled with life because you stop the energy of life from affecting you by repressing the functions of the enteric brain.

Information from the enteric brain is transmitted to the brain stem, which gets additional information from the physical senses. The brainstem may then respond, again affecting the physical body while also passing information to the mid-brain where it is interpreted as emotions, again affecting the body. Information continues to the neo-cortex where it is logically analyzed and creatively imaged.

Finally, we take action…..

By this time, the body has been primed for action by the enteric brain, brain stem, and mid-brain before the neo cortex even becomes aware that anything has happened.

We then consciously review and analyze information and decide what to do, which may or may not be consistent with what has already been done by the enteric brain and the other brain structures of the cranial brain.

Like squabbling adolescents, brain functions require a mature presence before they can work together effectively.

The Third Brain

Our childhood paradigm of reality, paganism, was created largely by the enteric brain, brain stem and mid-brain. The neo-cortex was functional, but individual and group life was organized primarily around the functions of more primitive brain structures.

Our adolescent paradigm of reality, mysticism/rationalism, is created almost exclusively by the neo-cortex. We have become so enthralled with the power of the neo-cortex we use it to control all the functions of the other brain structures.

As we will see, the only way to control a brain structure is to limit its function. When you limit the function of a brain structure, you limit awareness, and so your ability to cope, respond, think, feel, etc.

Repression is self-emasculation. Its strongest and most pervasive impact is the primal fear of being alive. You become afraid of who and where you are. And so you want to control every aspect of that which sustains you: life.

Now we come to our future, the third paradigm of reality: adulthood.

The brain that controls the adult paradigm of reality is located in the heart, the heart brain.

The physical heart contains a brain, a complex network of neurons. Its function is different than the other two, however.

The enteric brain deals with incoming information.

The cranial brain processes that information for understanding and knowledge. Then we take action. The habit of acting on cranial information is the developmental limitation of the Knower paradigm. If you act on cranial information only, your life experience is marked by suffering and struggling because you are acting as an adolescent, with limited awareness and resources. You are not acting as an adult.

One more step is required to become an adult, to end the inherent conflict of adolescence, and the suffering that comes of struggling with that conflict.

And what could that step be?

Through a Rite of Initiation……implemented to help make the transition from one phase of life to the next.

The rite of initiation into our future is the Heartmind Strategy, which is the healing (or optimizing) and integration of all brain functions with the physical body.

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