Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy

What's the best recommendation for relaxation therapy? As an all benefits-in-one therapy, I am afraid there isn't one.

When given the right stimulus, your body and mind can restore, heal and rejuvenate. All forms of relaxation therapy serve as a stimulus to coax your body and mind into a state of harmony.

You will benefit most holistically when you include NOT one but a few therapies that attend to the general and to specific areas of body and mind wellness.

For example, a full body massage is very good for releasing physical and mental tension while improving overall blood circulation and assisting in removing toxins from the body. Some massage treatments may not feel relaxing during the massage but the state of relaxation is most felt at rest after the treatment.

Such touch therapy from a trip to a spa or from the use of auto-programmable massage chair are known as general relaxation therapy.

I am NOT an advocate for electronic massage devices.


There can be NO substitute for a "real therapist" giving a healing massage.

There is what I call bio-etheric energy exchange between a massage therapist and client during a massage that a massage equipment does NOT have.

A Massage therapist gifted with healing energies provides more than just a relaxation therapy. The massage carries with it healing benefits that works at the cellular level.

You can tell if a therapist has the gift of healing when you tend to fall asleep immediately minutes into the massage!

There is another form of relaxation therapy that should be given your special attention. It is also worthy of clarification here.

This is the use of music or special sounds for relaxation. Music serves as a good and effective stimulus for relaxation therapy.

Relaxation music such as classical music or those spa music or any of those music for yoga or meditation that you pick up from the music stores do calm the mind and sooth the nerves.

But there is another category of relaxation therapy that is specific, targeted to deliver a host of benefits such as overcoming your stress and depression, improving perception, enhancing clarity and creativity. In short, it's called brainwave entrainment for self-growth and development.

This kind of audio stimulation uses binaural beats embedded in the music - be it listening to just rainfalls and bells or a combination of music and natural sounds - to bring about whole brain functioning.

As you listen with stereo headphones, the music or soundscapes go to coax your brain to create brain states conducive for promoting cellular healing and growth.

If you are going to invest in music for sleep, dissolving stress or as your daily relaxation therapy, let it be one that includes brainwave entrainment.

There are some personal recommendations. Beyond my recommendations, there are a lot of products in the market but many are NOT genuine for the money you pay!

I will not mention these bad hats. But if you want good recommendations, you won't be disappointed with these:

Holosync Solution and Brain Evolution System are my choice and a good investment for the program that they offer.

Holosync is NOT cheap. And since my most recent review in 2009, they have fallen behind Brain Evolution System in the use of the most advanced technology.

To date, Brain Evolution System offers the more effective brainwave entrainment audio program. At one-tenth the price of the complete Holosync 12 levels, you are getting superior technology for faster results.

As I had said elsewhere on my site, Brain Evolution System and Holosync are created to evolve you and bring about physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being. Therefore, they are called program-based. You move from one Cd level to the next higher level.

There are many such brainwave entrainment products in the market. However, they all don't produce the kind of changes that can truly be called a transformation in your human potential.

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