The Power Of A Transformative Life

A Review of Edwin Carl Smith's Book

There are the books on life. And then, there are the BOOKS OF LIFE. Of these, 5 books have withstood my test of shelf life: 

  • A Course In Miracles - Foundation for Inner Peace

  • Commentaries On A Course In Miracles by Tara Singh

  • J. Krishnamurti and the Nameless Experience by Rohit Mehta

  • Do You See What I See? by Edwin Carl Smith

  • Relentless Love by Edwin Carl Smith

The latter two books have been my soulful companions for the last four years.

"There is a line that cannot be seen, but can be crossed.
It is the line that divides fiction from fact.
The Line is fear"

"There is an initiation, a doorway, a threshold, a line.
This is the line. Will you cross it?"

- Relentless Love, Crossing the Line, pg ix,

This is a book about personal and global transformation. It is mythic in scope and language. The author, Edwin Carl Smith, encourages we 

"read this book for perception, NOT for information.
Feel what you read"

- Relentless Love, About The Author, pg. vii,

I started with reading from page-to-page. Now, as the author had suggested, "Feel free to turn to pages at random", my reading has taken on as if one would any oracle. And the page reads out to me..... 

"Your dream is your purpose in life.
Make it a good one.
Until you are dreaming life, you are not living it.

To love summarizes all we can be.
To dream summarizes all we can do."

- Relentless Love, pg. 119

Is this another NEW AGE stuff? A NEW spirituality in disguise?

Is LOVE new age? Is LOVE religious? Then what is LOVE?

Did the author discover and experience a POWER few have touched upon?

Do not let the cover of the book or its title deceive you. It isn't what you THINK.

At a literal level, this book addresses our confrontation with life - our inner conflicts in confrontation with our dreams. It offers you a strategy to living your deepest dream.

"Do not worry about living your dream.
End the habit of imposing a goal on your life.

What we achieve is less important than how we live.
Life is a play, not a race. Our goals express mostly our
fear about what life will fail to provide.

Love is the source of all worthy dreams and the power to live them.
So, let faith connect you to your body's original and only intent and let your dreams emerge from there.

As you surrender to the passion of love, you will find anything is possible and all good things inevitable."

- Relentless Love, pg. 38

This book is LIFE…..your life as lived in being “fully human; fully alive to LIFE”. Do you realise the import of what “being fully human; fully alive to LIFE" means? 

"To be fully human should not require special training or effort. It should be easy, natural, unlabored, without thought or consideration, spontaneous.

If your life requires self-conscious effort, then you are not truly, honestly, being human. You are trying to fulfill some inhuman image of being human.

Enchantment is not about perfect beings full of eternal bliss and infinite compassion. Enchantment is ordinary people who presume love as a birthright, the natural condition of life.

But love is incomplete until you embrace life with complete abandon and freedom. When you abandon yourself to life, you release life itself from the bondage of your demands, expectations, and fears.

In a single moment, you free the world. You free it for healing, evolution, creativity, and prosperity. And life responds with joyful abundance.”

-Relentless Love, pg. 57

In a world of constant barrage of information, reading for perception collapses information. Right perception brings order and integration to our lives.

The reading of it changes you. You begin to connect the dots of your PAST to the PRESENT. Then enchantment unfolds. You soon realise the power to re-invent your destiny.

You re-write the SCRIPTS of life.

Each time you face a situation in your life, you see it in a new light.

The situation doesn't change you. YOU change.

You recognise your own changes by realising you are seeing the same situation differently now.

There is the opportunity to relate to the new situation in love and with love.

In the past, you had reacted, now you respond.

In the past, the situation had seemed limited, restricted and stifled. Now you see the situation has scope, open new perspectives, unlock possibilities.

You shift from having a foveal vision (tunnel vision) to expanded awareness.

The change that you recognise now is experience as freeing, liberating.

The change translates your vision of life from limitation to abundance, from pessimism to optimism, from depression to joy.

The change transforms freedom FROM life to freedom IN life. 

“As you practice faith, you will discover your life has a life of its own, first expressing a variety of neurotic needs and habits, but gradually giving way to a natural intelligence. This is our original self, your true passion and life intent, healing any limit on love."

- Relentless Love, pg 38

Such is the power of "Relentless Love". Read for perception; not for knowledge.

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