S Medical Spa

What could you benefit from spending 7 days at S Medical Spa?

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You will experience luxurious spa relaxation.

You will lose pounds off.

You will also learn how to feed your genes right.

And you will look and feel beautiful.

But Dr. Pakpilai Thavisin isn’t finished with you yet!

She wants you to profit from a changed lifestyle that will free you of pain and disease.

Till your very last breath!

That’s the promise of Dr. Pakpilai.

The Story of Dr. Pakpilai

Meeting Dr Pakpilai for the first time seemed like a gathering of old souls.

The energy that we gave to our conversation seemed to invoke a remembrance of our ancient purpose.

To bring our passion and special gift to sharing the wellness way of life.

S Medical Spa

Dr. Pakpilai (standing at left) trained as a medical doctor, and chose dermatology as her field of practice in 1986.

Then, like many would-be integrative physicians, her family’s struggle with disease changed her belief and faith in Western Medicine.

In the year 2000, Dr. Pakpilai lost her brother to cancer. And in the following year, she lost her mother to pancreatic cancer.

That year, she was challenged to look beyond the model of conventional medicine as the only hope for cure.

She opened her mind to the vast potential of alternative medicine. This led to the study of energy medicine, anti-aging medicine and quantum biofeedback for health.

But instead of rejecting western medicine, she saw a convergence of western and alternative medicine. This inspired the birth of S Medical Spa in Thailand.

In Thailand, Dr. Pakpilai sits on the committee that reviews the development and conduct of medical spas in Thailand.

She shared that in Thailand, medical spas are governed under the same strict laws as clinics and hospitals.

This means they have to put in place CPR life support team. Hence, medical spas in Thailand are required to have full-time medical doctors.

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