See How Life Works
 A Review of Carol Howe's Online Workshop

I will cut to the chase to just 109 words for those of you who won't have the time to read my full review.

"See How Life Works" by Carol Howe shows you how to move from fear to love. I know love is NOT what I was looking for to solve my problems. Yet this is what I experience - MORE love comes my way as I experience problems MELT AWAY!

If you find yourself coming to the verge of the end of you - in my case it was a financial one  - Carol's online-8-video-series helps you understand just what you need to do to see any problem you are confronted with MELT AWAY.

We THINK to solve our problems, we have to keep on DOING something. You will SEE how foolish this is.


Here's the long story

In 1998, I came across a thick green book published by Penguin Publishers. 

Piqued by its title  - "A Course in Miracles" - I bought the book. I was 30 years old then.

This single voluminous book comprising 3 parts - a Course Manual, a Workbook For Students, and a Manual For Teachers spans 1200 pages.

As someone who studies the written word, I've never seen writing like "A Course in Miracles" - better known as the "Course or ACIM". This is not a book "written" by a human being. It is written down, yes, by Helen Schucman but it is THOUGHT itself writing it down.

​For a number of years, I had a love-hate relationship with the book.

Few would deny its place as a spiritual masterpiece.

Inspiring, uplighting, as you read, you could not help but hear the soft voice of your INNER SELF speaking to you of the truth of your being.

Many find themselves struggling with the written words for some time, just like I did, and this is when just about every student of the Course would agree "See How Life Works" is truly a Godsend.

The Course or ACIM can come across as radical, provoking. This as I recognised years later is simply because our ego mind would NOT allow itself to be undone.

Yet, like the four seasons, I come back to the Course yet again and again. I could never divorce myself completely from my relationship with the Course.

I would turn the book like an oracle, and behold, the text always has something meaningful to speak to me. My perception of others and events that happen on the day seems to have a bearing on what I have read in the morning.

Choose Once Again

Do we recognise we have ONLY two choices in life?

Each day we are asked to choose once again.

Fear or love?

These are the ONLY two choices or decisions in life.

That's it--that's what every "problem" in the world boils down to.

Our freedom of choice lies in ONLY these two. Everything else turns up in our life is predicated upon which choice we commit to or are vigilant for.

The Course aims not at teaching love. For love cannot be taught. 

The Course's goal is the undoing of fear. For fear is what robs you of your peace of mind, your freedom to love, your true expression of SELF.

See How Life Works

I came to learn of Carol's online workshop "See How Life Works" at a time when I was coming to the end of me.

Like the co-scribe of the Course, Bill Thetford, who uttered the words "there has to be another way", in my case, the end of me came with a despairing utterance "I can no longer depend on my own knowing." 

"See How Life Works" is designed to be watched over 8 weeks.  

It comprises 16 videos each of one hour duration.

I watched them all in two 2 weeks.

I do not recommend anyone new to ACIM to do as I did. As I shared earlier, I wasn't completely new to the Course. So give yourself over to watching one video a week.

You will love this program. 

Carol not only has the gift to make ACIM principles clear and practical, she is able to make the entire experience of watching the videos entertaining, enjoyable and very engaging.

Besides including powerful and important material, many parts are funny and light-hearted. 

What I found that makes this program powerful is Carol's creative use of animations, visual imagery and elements to make everything crystal clear.

It is precisely why I ended up watching all the videos in two weeks. It is so engaging. 

My Takeaway

I have been exposed to ACIM for 20 over years. So in my case, I am familiar with the concepts and principles but not necessarily having acquired the depth of understanding and application as I desired.

Watching See How Life Works makes me recognise one thing I ought to have done all these years - don't just read the manual. Practise the 365 day workbook. It is the Workbook for Students that really transforms you.

Back to the videos......

My biggest takeaway is when I got to the 4th video.

Carol clarified much of what I had struggled to understand for years, especially on what the forgiving is for. I am not an unforgiving person; quite the opposite. From my perspective, I have always felt there really is nothing to forgive of anyone or anything.

Until I 'saw' little by little what my mind has dreamed a life for me.

It is not that the ACIM does not make clear what forgiveness is.

It is the fact that one struggles to believe and appreciate what the book says until you watch a class of earnest students and Carol interacting and sharing real life accounts of their experience with the lessons of the Course. 

In another part of the video series, Carol brings out clearly the dynamics of the ego and its deceptions through creative use of animations and props. You begin to recognise how the ego behaves from suspiciousness to viciousness. And why the Course bid us to be vigilant against it.

She brings out what the Course says so pointedly.

Each video progressively flows into the next that prepares you to eventually see how Guidance works in our life.


If you are new to ACIM or if you never gonna read a book that is 1200 pages thick, I can tell you this: go invest in Carol's online workshop videos.  It's not expensive yet I feel it is worth many times the price one pays compare to most under this genre.

You will continue to watch them every now and then. And when you do that, you will surely come out at the of each video recognising something about yourself that you never did months before. 

When such recognition happens, shifts in perception and external conditions almost always happens instantly.

Just about every one will begin to see how his ego mind seems to ruin his happiness. And you are given a way out of this tiresome journey you have been taking.

I wish this was available 30 years ago. 

Here is a teacher of ACIM, who is probably the last remaining living person that is closely associated with both scribes of the The Course in Miracles.

Here is a teacher who have seen how ACIM have impacted early Course students when both scribes were still around.

And here is a teacher who have the gift to distill fundamental aspects of the Course and present simply in a way you and I can understand, relate, apply and benefit from.

With each and every video that I finished watching, I would leave my home and go to a quiet alfresco cafe, and then review my life in the light of my new enlightened knowledge.

You cannot not be moved and transformed.

You begin to view your mind differently from what you thought you knew.

You aren't actually buying into any beliefs. What actually happens is that you become acutely aware of the two voices in your mind, one loud; the other silent.  

You are asked to choose and heed: the voice of fear or the voice of love. Choose once again.

Only one leads to peace.

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