Default shape stretchable to a "V"

"Don't take flight without your Skinwear!"

That's was what my friend remarked to me when I told him I was flying up to Seoul for a vacation.

Feeling pique. I asked him what was that.

He gave me a few for my trip.

Since then, I use Skinwear for all my trips overseas and weekly swimming and cycling routine.

And when its time to visit the spas for a much-needed massage, I ditch away their provided disposable underwear preferring my own.

Beware. Once you have tried Skinwear, you might just go disposable all the way - at home, at work and at play!

For Travel, Sports or just about any idea that fuels the imagination.

Skinwear disposable underwear provides maximum wearing comfort. It is made of highly-stretchable, breathable soft nylon, wholly knitted by machine with no stitched hems, and is 100% latex-free.

Made in Korea

Minimum Order :
40 pieces

SGD$1.25 per piece


unisex/Free Size

Standard Packing:
One box of 40 pieces
1 piece in one poly bag. 

Delivery Period
3 working days (Singapore)
12 working days (Outside of Singapore)

1 box of 40 pieces)

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