Suffering From Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is reaching epidemic proportions in developed countries. The major cause stems from the lifestyle we have adopted.

From industrial to the digital age, we have lived from being imperfectly human to perfectly non-human!

We have simply forgotten how to sleep as a consequence of our evolving lifestyle!

We sleep but deeply.

Stress-related sleep problems have become a major cause.

The Stages of Sleep

There are phases and sleep cycles we go through in our sleep.

We start from waking state phasing into relaxed drowsiness; then into deep sleep and into dreaming sleep.

These phases make up a sleep cycle and we repeat the cycles again between dreaming sleep (also known as rem sleep) and non-dreaming sleep (non-rem sleep).

Each phase has its characteristic brainwave pattern. We phase in from beta (awake) to alpha (twilight sleep) and then into theta (dreaming sleep) and into delta (deep sleep).

In a normal 6 to 8 hours sleep, we can range from 4 to 6 sleep cycles.

Now, here’s the stark reality with those who don’t sleep well.

Those who suffer from sleep deprivation or lack good quality sleep simply don’t get enough delta sleep.

Delta sleep is that stage of deep sleep at which the brainwaves are pulsing at between 4-0 hertz (cycles per second).

In the normal adult, we experience relatively longer duration in delta sleep in the first 3 hours than in the remaining hours of a 8 hour sleep day.

This stage of sleep is the stage where your body undergoes deep repair and cell renewal.

Those who don’t get the quality sleep simply phased out of delta sleep very quickly, especially during those important first 3 hours of their sleep. Their sleep lingers on theta or dreaming sleep.

We have simply forgotten how to sleep deeply!

Our lifestyle, and the physical and emotional stress that we face everyday have upset our sleep patterns, our circadian rhythm, which in turn, affect brainwave patterns.

Our minds are so busy day and night that we carry these brainwave patterns into our sleep.

As a result, we no longer remember how to phase in to deep sleep that is Delta sleep.

The good news can train yourself to sleep deeply.

Research shows that by introducing a sound stimulus that pulsates at delta frequency, we enable the brain to resonate at that frequency. The brain gradually becomes oriented to this frequency again during sleep. Hence, you are enabled to sleep well again without the need for a sleep aid.

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