Jeju Water Sleeping Mask
Is Your Beautician Hiding This Little Secret From You?

I would let you in on a beauty secret never told. 

If you are a regular patron of beauty salons and spas, the products on display are seldom the ones your beautician or beauty therapist use at her home!

I like to qualify the above statement by saying with few exceptions. Most would probably use some range of the products you see on display but there is always that one or two very special products she uses at her home that you are never going to be told.

I know. My company works with beauty salons and the spas. 

Don't get me wrong.

Your regular beautician definitely has your best interest at heart. The reason they aren't telling you or selling you a comparatively superior product like the ones they secretly use at home comes down to two reasons:

  1. They are already committed to their supplier's products and are prohibited from selling other brands.
  2. They will not promote products even if they are better than the ones they are carrying if you could buy them online.

Of the two reasons above, the second is the more obvious reason why she would not want to carry them at their salons and spas.

The Jeju Water Sleeping Mask is one such amazing sleeping mask that just about every beautician who has come to try it will buy it repeatedly for their own use!

How did we know it?

Here's the big story.........

We were appointed by our Korean Partners to introduce this to beauticians. Now what we did was unconventional.

We started to give to 100 beauty salons all over Singapore. What we gave were a sample bottle without the name and packaging on it. Just a small 10ml jar for each to try.

All we instructed them was to apply the mask at night before bed and do not wash it off until the next day upon waking up.

The feedback?

They were waking up to a supple, moisturised, glowing face.

Now most of them immediately thought the magic must have been the flakes of gold still on their faces. Everyone assumed that the glow will disappear once they started washing and cleansing their face. To their delight, the magic had lingered on!

It had been three months since. While they aren't offering Jeju Water Sleeping Mask at their salons and spas, these beauticians have been repeatedly buying at our online store!

Ironical, don't you think!

Now, what's really the beauty gems in that 80ml jar?

  • First and foremost, the sleeping mask is derived from the pristine waters of Jeju Island, Korea. Their mineralised content smooths fine lines, hydrates your skin and delivers a smooth, soft, supple appearance on the skin.
  • Second, the gold effect incorporated into the sleeping mask works overnight to bring about a natural glow to your skin.
  • Third, as its name implies, you are to sleep with the mask and wash off next morning. Unlike conventional stick-on mask that you remove upon putting on for 20 minutes, the leave-on sleeping mask nourishes your skin with nutritive elements while you sleep. It is during sleep, when the body is at rest that your skin processes nutrient absorption more effectively.
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