Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is the expression of one's humanity in LOVE. By being fully alive to the presence of LOVE, you naturally manifest spiritual wellness.

This is experienced as HEALTH functioning optimally in a state of carefreeness - naturally, spontaneously, effortlessly.

Unfortunately, we have learned to view health differently, as serving an altogether different purpose.

Health is regarded as a condition for personal survival and self-aggrandizement. It allows us to be productive, or to do something meaningful, useful or even good in the world.

Interestingly, your perception of health changes when increasingly your life is filled with life's wisdom and power.

You come to experience that to be fully alive is to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. To be fully alive is to be healthy for self, others, and the world.

Health becomes the condition of life functioning optimally.

A condition of stable health, optimal being and functioning, is what we are all trying to achieve in our lives.

It is where human evolution is taking us, ultimately.

And once optimal health is achieved, once you are filled with wisdom and power, then what?

The struggles of what are known as living outside and inside the Great Story of your life end.

You live your life, free of the struggle to merely survive without wisdom and power, free of the struggle for health, for the fullness of life.

Only where there is HEALTH - love, wisdom and power - can there be freedom, joy, intelligence, and power. Devoid of that, your ability to do anything is diminished.

HEALTH serves no purpose. It supports every purpose. It is the necessary condition to experience life fully.

The evolution of life is simply the organized expansion of life through HEALTH.

What you do with HEALTH is up to you. You can multiply health for yourself and others, or you can squander personal and planetary health in the pursuit of merely personal obsessions and compulsions.

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