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Do weight-loss treatments and nutrition-based products lead to significant, sustainable weight loss?

The jury is still out on that question.

Even makers of popular slimming devices such as those that employ vibration and radio frequency acknowledge that losing weight comes down to diet and exercise.

But they are still off the mark!

There is something MORE fundamental than diet and exercise.

A FUNDAMENTAL CONDITION must be met before any diet, exercise or a host of novel slimming methods are to help you shed that extra pounds or inches off.

And this fundamental condition is as TRUE about attaining wellness as it is to weight loss!

If you desire to lose weight, you have to be well first!

By that, I am NOT suggesting your less-than-ideal weight arises from a medical condition unbeknownst to you .....

More likely, according to Oriental wellness philosophy, it is attributed to energy blockages in your bodily functions.

Imagine your body has – over the years of wear and tear – become sluggish in the way it goes about its daily work internally.

Your answer to this problem is simple.

Restore your body back to optimum health and wellness. It will then remember how to lose weight for you naturally and spontaneously.

And that’s exactly what Quantum Wellness TCM (see preferred spas at right) does as I found out in my search for a credible weight loss review.

Now, I have actually heard about her and her effective use of Oriental accupoint massage treatment for fat loss. However, for all the hype surrounding weight loss and slimming, I couldn't help thinking a TCM-based approach is just another fad.

What suddenly aroused my interest was the recent news of two freak accidents. One person died from liposuction treatment in a medical clinic; another had her belly burned for slimming treatment at a spa.

I decided to find out for myself if the Oriental approach is a better alternative - natural, safe and effective - solution for burning belly fat or love spindles.

Given the month long stay I had in Phuket, I felt I could do with shedding inches off my belly.

Quantum Weight Loss

Her name is Jasmine. She co-owns Asian Health International in Singapore.

Through the grapevine, I had learned rave reviews of her therapy "Quantum Wellness TCM" (originally known as Quantum Weight Loss). 

Quantum Weight Loss applies TCM-based trigger-point massage, heat and proprietary herbal massage formula. When skillfully done, they are key to burning belly fat or overall weight reduction.

TCM-based massage

As I have come to learn, she was privileged to learn from her master teacher in China.

The latter created the proprietary herbal formula, AHI-Oriental and evolved a TCM-based massage therapy adapted for the spa environment that is used in massaging the belly.

The secret, as Jasmine shared with me, lies in following the correct sequential acupoint massage steps with using the herbal application.

Noting my skepticism upon my visit, Jasmine took me through the fundamental concept of Oriental Wellness philosophy and a new frontier in spa evolution better known as "Spa Energetics" . She explained to me about how our own internal energy system can be stimulated to burn fats.

Since love spindles or belly fat was what I specifically came for, she took me through a acupuncture chart tour of those specific energy lines called meridians.

Of significance are those acupoint points that treat abdominal or stomach problems such as gas, gastritis and belly aches.

She also shared with me those acupoints on our limbs - the pain or ache signals that point to weak stomach qi or stomach energy.

Jasmine explains that TCM acupoint finger pressure helps curb hunger pangs and increase one's metabolism by regulating stomach and spleen functions.

Now, when complemented with her proprietary herbal formulation, the effect on burning belly fat can be enhanced further.

The Quantum Weight Loss Process

Before I was asked to lie face up on the massage bed, Jasmine took my weight.

Then clad with only a pair of shorts, Jasmine began to apply the special herbal oil formulation.

She began to apply acupressure along those main energy lines together

Stomach massage

with sweeping massage strokes.

Each time, I was asked to inhale and exhale fully with each successive trigger-point pressure. This went on for some 30 minutes.

Next she applied another type of herbal formulation on my belly.

I noted this time, there is a certain characteristic way she applied the herbs. It is as if the concentric way she applied the herbs seem to align with some energy pathway.

I tried to suss out from her the contents in the herbal formulation. In fact, I had actually sought to photograph the entire procedure.

However, due to the proprietary nature of the acupoint technique and herbal formulation, Jasmine relented to sharing only some photos.

Quantum Wellness TCM for wellness and weight loss

I can let you in on this though: The entire acupoint massage was indeed elaborate; the heat treatment felt penetrative and the herbal extracts looked richly yellowish.

The whole session lasted 90 minutes. After the session, Jasmine took my weight again.

I could not help being utterly amazed!

Jasmine tempered my excitement by sharing with me that not everyone shed as much as I had in one single session. Each person is different. And so I was dissuaded from revealing the pounds shed so as not to raise unreasonable expectations.

She provided the advice that a series of sessions coupled with eating properly would be the way to healthy weight loss.

More importantly, she shared that our stomach organ is often the brewing ground for a number of ailments suffered throughout the body. This arises from energy blockages along the stomach meridian points.

Thus, while the Quantum Weight Loss Program has been popularly associated with burning belly fat, it is so different from all the slimming treatments in the marketplace in that it applies a deeply energetic approach to deliver health and wellness of body and mind.

Once our energy channels have been unblocked and allowed to flow freely, physical, mental and emotional well-being ensues.

UPDATE: Oct 2011

Ever since we published this review, we have been
inundated with request for MORE info on Quantum Wellness TCM.

We are pleased to present this video clip of this therapy

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