When is the best time to listen to entrainment audios?

by Darel
(Victoria, BC Canada)

I have 3x60 minute entrainment audios for alpha, theta/delta, and delta/gamma. When would be the best time to listen to each of them? Thanks!

Hi Darel,

There's no particular fixed time. In my opinion, the best time for listening revolves around your daily activity.

For example, as typical of most people who work 9 to 5, it would be better to listen to alpha in the morning or during the day when you have the hour break. Theta/delta or gamma are better left when you are winding down or turning in.

The rational is during the day, our brain pulsates at the high end of beta to alpha ( I am referring to dominant brainwaves at any one interval). This is very much driven by your activities that call forth these brainwave frequencies.

So if I am gonna be listening to theta or delta, it would be a rude jerk to get up to speed to meet the day's hectic schedule.

Now this is the problem with single 60 mins specific brainwave frequency. I wrote about that in one of my site's articles.

If you happen to be listening to say Brain Evolution System or Holosync, you won't have this problem as they all have the various range of brainwave frequencies modulated in their program.

Hope this helps:)

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