Which is most suitable for me, Biotox or Antica?

by Sherry

I'm in my late 30's and have little lines under my eyes and mouth area. Which do I buy first if I have a limited budget? And is there a particular one I should apply first?

Hello Sherry,

If you have a budget, you do want to get Biotox first. And after you have finished the product, you can alternate with buying Antica.

We have received a lot of requests for a bundled price for two. And I have just introduced it!

On which to apply first. It's really a matter of preference. But there are two good reasons why you want to apply Biotox Serum first.

1. What we have experienced with our clients at spa@Simply Zense is that the sequence of applying Biotox, then Antica followed by your day/night cream and sunscreen goes very well. Where you feel they are too rich, just press two soft face tissues lightly on each side of face. It will be just great!

Again, I need to stress that you allow a minute to allow each serum settle in.

2. The Biotox has the added ingredient - Sodium hyaluronate acid - which hydrates and plumps up your skin.

The Antica has the greater effect of locking in your skin moisture while it helps to stimulate collagen and elastin growth - very important for preventing and removing those fine lines and wrinkles over time.

So never wait till wrinkles show up or deepen.

Botox injection does have its place for deep wrinkles but why risk it when you can prevent and slow down the onset of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin with our serums.

Hope this helps.

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