Why can you not use this if you are pregnant ?

by Talishia
(Longview WA)

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have always had trouble sleeping , I use the alpha wave every night to help sleep however I read in the warning to not use if pregnant. How come ? Will it hurt the baby ? What is the cause and effect to using this while pregnant ?


The advice to check with your doctor before using brainwave entrainment products is a precautionary one. It's erring on the safe side especially if one has a heart problem.

Nothing has validated that listening to brainwave entrainment has detrimental effects on the mother-to-be or foetus.

Given that research shows listening to brainwave entrainment affects an individual's psychological state and to some degree the endocrine system, their effect on the foetus is unclear.

Hence, if you were to ask me, I will say if it helps you to relax, to sleep, then it would be helpful than being in a state of restlessness, unable to sleep, thereby unsetting the environment surrounding the foetus indirectly.

I hope this helps.......


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