Yoga of Sounds
Sounds That Regenerate Youth Genes

Of the 5 sense organs of the human body, is it any wonder that only one of them is gifted the natural ability to self-create.

Our tongue cannot manufacture taste.

Our nose cannot produce aroma.

Our eyes cannot project an object.

Neither can our hands manifest an object out of themselves.

But the ears......they can hear sounds created out of the vocal cords!

Can sounds created out of the vocal cords and transmitted via the ears transform health and aging process?

Yes. They can.

We use them in Circadium 416 to look younger and shape better.

Power of Sounds

When we think about our relationship with sounds, what immediately comes to mind is the pleasure we derive from listening to our favourite songs and music. 

You would also think songs and music relax you as well as inspire and motivate you to action. They invoke psychological and physiological change in us. 

Beyond that, you would think sounds outside of the familiar fail to entertain and make any sense. You would be amazed to learn there are sounds outside of your hearing range but that the brain, nevertheless, registers them that can transform health of the body. Known as sound frequencies that entrain the brainwaves, these sounds can induce biochemical and hormonal response.

Similarly, there are certain intonation of sounds that you and I can intone to bring positive biochemical and hormonal response.

If we cultivate the habit of intoning these sounds and bring attentive listening to them, your ears can be a reliable carrier in delivering these sounds to communicate with your biochemistry.

Indeed, unbeknownst to the ordinary man, there exists potent sounds that stimulate our cells, tissues, bones, organs and endocrine glands. These are specifically known as the yoga of sounds.

In Circadium 416 - our proprietary abdominal self-massage therapy for slimming and prolonging youthful ageing - we employ 6 sounds for intonation to revitalise health of the major organs. 

Yoga of Sounds For Rejuvenation

The ancient Chinese discovered certain sounds resonate with the natural vibrational frequency of each major organ and their channels through which Qi, nerve and blood flow.

When we employ these sounds with our vocal cords, we are more interested in their characteristic vibration than in the quality or loudness of the sound.

We are accustomed to associating the ears with the function of hearing. We do not realize our ears are associated with the healthy functioning of the internal organs.

Of the 12 cranial nerves originating in the brain, 10 of them lead to the ear. Those of the muscles and sensory organs in the head and face are regulated by these cranial nerves.

What does this tell us about our ears?

That sounds and vibrations that enter the ears have a big effect on our nervous system in the brain and face.

Now, how is this related to our desire to lose weight and slow down the aging process?

The Vagus Nerve

One of the cranial nerves - the 10th cranial nerve - is the Vagus Nerve, also known as the pneumogastric nerve. It is the longest and most-branched-out nerve.

Physiologically, our vagus nerve rises from the sides of the medulla oblongata and descends like a far-reaching tree, the branches of which extend to the inner and outer ear-drum , the pharynx, the larynx, the trachea, the oesophagus, the lungs, the heart and the abdominal viscera attaching to every organ except the spleen.

Clearly, the vagus nerve plays a very important yet little understood signaling channel between the ear and major organs especially those organs housed within the abdominal cavity.

Whatever our ears pick up will affect the state of equilibrium of the organs in the abdominal, let alone the head and face.

So it is not just what you eat that affects your body and aging process. It’s what your ear-drum picks up that can influence your biochemistry too!

Put together those clockwork functions of digestion, filtration, metabolism, hormonal glands secretion, and you can appreciate stressors coming from the ears can cause disruptions of the biochemistry of the organs.

Every sound that we hear affects - to whatever degree - the organs of the body through the vagus nerve. To this add the effect of heard and unheard sound waves against the entire body.

The good thing is once we are conscious of this fact, of how sounds can influence and affect our aging process and well-being, we can start to learn the specific types of sounds that stimulate healthy optimal functioning of our glands and organs to bring about cellular rejuvenation.

The "416" in Circadium

The yoga of sounds constitute an integral part of the Circadium 416. These are 6 one-minute intonations that affect 6 of our major organs.

These sounds have the effect of stimulating your endocrine system that produces the key hormones for maintaining youthfulness and regulation of our weight.

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