What's The Right Package For You?

Ever since we created the Zense Premium, the choice has been obvious.

As a guide though, we suggest you start with Zense Deluxe if you are age 28 and below.

Above 28, we recommend the Zense Premium

Zense Premium

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you see your budget inflate to 3 times its value?

That's what you get when you opt for the Zense Premium package!

Ala Carte treatment averages S$200 per visit.

Your Zense Premium Package averages $100 per visit.

Now let's do the math .....

For $1000 on the Zense Premium, you enjoy a fulsome S$2000 worth of ala carte treats!

Well, that's two times as much. Did we get it wrong?

Wait. We ain't finished yet.

For your eyes only, we add-on a further S$1108 worth of age-defying eye treatments:

  • "Free Age Defense Eye Treatment worth S$98 per visit" 
  • "Free Biotox or Antica Serum to take home worth S$128". 

Now, that's over three times as much. That's okay with us.

In fact, we are happy to grant you a 10% discount anytime you want to take up any of our signature treatments. We know you will love our Zense Signatures.


50% off face and body treatments
except Zense Signature.

(See Zense Menu)


Free hand massage per visit.

Free Age Defense Eye Treatment
worth S$98 per visit.
(See Zense Menu)


10% off retail products

Free choice of one Biotox Serum (30ml)
Antica Serum (30ml) worth S$128

(See Zense Products)


10% off Zense Signature Treatments

(See Zense Signature)


For the price of $1000, enjoy over S$3000 in products and services as Zense Premium Member 

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